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  1. Austin O.

    Creaky clutch

    You probably just hear whatever it is easier when the doors are off. When my doors come off, I hear all kinds of noises that I didn’t hear before.
  2. Austin O.

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Exactly how I taught one of my buddies a few months ago on my tj. He bought a manual jk shortly after.
  3. Austin O.

    Bit of a confession

    Probably twice a week I just go out and drive the tj just to drive it. There’s about a 10 mile loop I like to do near me on evenings, after rush hour traffic has cleared out. Just do it because it’s fun and makes me happy. I usually get a funny look from my family when I say “I’m gonna go...
  4. Austin O.

    Single owner LJ

    Not really close to the coast
  5. Austin O.

    Single owner LJ

    An lj for 10k and been listed for 4 months?? Something’s up…
  6. Austin O.

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Looking good! It always surprises me how similar the scenery such as that in your first picture looks to what we have here in NC... I've noticed that quite a bit recently in your posts
  7. Austin O.

    Fkng Amazon!

    I did my oil pan gasket 3 times before that and rms twice chasing an oil pan leak that actually ended up being a hole in my timing chain cover which managed to run down the length of the oil pan… I was a bit done with the whole thing, haha! Wanted the jeep back up and running, bent the gasket...
  8. Austin O.

    Fkng Amazon!

    Mine arrived that way as well from Amazon… I bent it back so it was in somewhat normal shape and stuck it in… haven’t had a problem. Really frustrating though
  9. Austin O.

    Fake receiver

    Maybe as a bike rack/something like that is what they mean by recreational use?
  10. Austin O.

    I built tube doors for my friend's JK

    A while ago I built some tube doors for my tj: One of my friends that I’ve known practically since I was born just got a jk and asked me to make doors for him because he liked mine so much. He has no experience at all using any type of tools, let alone building anything… I got him to help...
  11. Austin O.

    P0301, P0304, P0300

    P0301, P0304, and P0300 are all codes my TJ just started throwing. Its a 98 4.0l CEL came on at some point when I was in 4low with high RPMs. I’m not entirely sure what typical symptoms are, but here are mine. When accelerating at lower rpm’s (under 1500) the car is shuddering pretty...
  12. Austin O.

    H&r 52107 1 springs same height as factory?

    I got the h&r 52107 1” lift springs thinking they would be taller than what was in the tj… they clearly aren’t when uncompressed Are they just stiffer and will still add and inch, or did I not get what I thought I bought? The current springs when compressed in the tj are 12”. Isn’t that...
  13. Austin O.

    Where to wire in new clock

    Sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question… I bought a small digital clock that I’d like to wire into the tj since my head unit doesn’t like to display the time when my phone is plugged in for music/charging/maps. Is there a good spot to wire it into, what do I do? I’m quite inexperienced when...
  14. Austin O.

    I wish I had the space, time, and money for a new project (91 Grand Wagoneer in NC)
  15. Austin O.


    I’m going to Alaska with my brother and parents in April. We’ve got about a week that we will be there and will be skiing at Alyeska for probably 3 or 4 of those days (We’re renting a small cabin for the whole week right next to Alyeska). Skiing is the reason that we’re going on the trip, but...
  16. Austin O.

    P1294 CEL code (for idle speed performance)

    My CEL has been going on and off for the past month or so, finally had the chance today to get it checked at autozone. They told me the code is P1294 and the most likely solution is "Reinstall Intake Air Duct" Apparently this code it commonly occurring when idle speed isn't normal. Mine is right...
  17. Austin O.

    Clunking in steering box

    There’s a clunking sound when turning my steering wheel... I had my brother turn the wheel and with my head right next to the steering box, I am basically certain I can hear that that’s where it is coming from. Do I just need to replace the whole box? Can I buy any box, or is there a...
  18. Austin O.

    Bad throw out bearing?

    Was just driving slowly through the parking lot at my school. All of a sudden, an absolutely terrible screeching/whistling sound started and I couldn’t shift gears. I shut the car off. The sound is insanely loud when clutch is pushed in and faint when it is not. I am stuck in the parking lot...
  19. Austin O.

    Help installing powered subwoofer

    Alright, I don’t really know what I’m doing and am kinda suprised I made it this far. I have a RW10CA powered sub that I am installing. I am confused on where the “remote turn-on cable” connects to my head unit. Help me out please! Wiring diagram for my head unit if that helps…
  20. Austin O.

    Do I want a new audio system? Switch speakers? Add a subwoofer?

    In my tj, there is currently a non-stock audio system as follows: - Rockford fosgate 4'' speakers in dash corners. Link - Rockford fosgate 5.25'' speakers in roll bar. Link - Kenwood headunit. Link The previous owner put all of this in. I have been happy with it, as I am not typically...