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  1. YonderNorthwest

    Bartact woes

    Ya but they harvest the food. Those whiny millenials yall hate are going to cost a lot more to do the same work. $10 cash under the table per hour vs $15 on the books. And good luck finding people who would rather break their backs picking potatoes than work a register for the same pay. I'd...
  2. YonderNorthwest

    Factory radio value - is this thing worth keeping?

    I bought a factory unit for my 99' for $20 3 years ago. I would have paid $50
  3. YonderNorthwest

    OME or Fox Adventure shocks with JKS springs

    I recently installed some fox monotube shocks paired with 2" JKS springs. The ride is pretty good. Others will probably tell you that Ranchos or some other more budget friendly shock is better bang for the buck. They are probably right, but I haven't run those and can't tell you which is the...
  4. YonderNorthwest

    Bestop (not the best)

    I've got a Bestop bikini top (just over the front 2 seats). I had a similar issue with the corner bulging out. The whole front of the top would pop out on the freeway and I would have to pull over to re-seat it. I ended up driving some screws through the corners into the door surrounds to solve...
  5. YonderNorthwest

    P Man is the Man

    $20 seemed plenty fair to me. And it came with the added bonus of getting to throughly inspect the problem nipple before I paid.
  6. YonderNorthwest

    P Man is the Man

    Agreed. I reached out to him on Thursday hoping to find a new clutch pedal assembly as mine is currently held together with bailing wire. He didn't have one, but put me in contact with a buddy of his an hour down the road that sold me one for a very fair price.
  7. YonderNorthwest

    Washington 97-02 gas tank fuel tank

    How many miles on the rig this was removed from?
  8. YonderNorthwest

    4.6 Golen Engine Swap Preparation

    Been chasing issues round and round on the jeep the last couple of months. I've had enough. Made calls today to Golen and my local mechanic. 4.6 stroker will be delivered to the shop at the end of April and the install will follow that shortly. My goal here is to refresh the jeep as much as...
  9. YonderNorthwest

    Lift Install and Bumpstop

    Gearing up to do a small lift install. Bought a set of 2" JKS springs and some 0-2" lift monotube fox shocks (merry christmas to me). I think I've got the removal and installation of springs and shocks figured out thanks to some detailed threads here on the subject. I've also got access to a...
  10. YonderNorthwest

    High Mileage Preventative Maintenance

    Hey all. I've got a 1999 TJ Sahara that I've been driving daily since I was 16 (16 years ago). The odometer just hit the 230k mark. Started driving it at about 90k miles. As far as reliability it has been pretty good to me. Issues through life of vehicle thus far: - Exhaust manifold cracked at...
  11. YonderNorthwest

    P0138 Code With New O2 Sensors

    Just got back from a 600 mile off-road trip. Check engine light came on half way through. P0138. Replaced my O2 sensors less than 5,000 miles ago with the NGK/NTK brand. Doing some quick browsing around the forum, thinking it might be time to replace the Cat. 230k miles on the original. Is...
  12. YonderNorthwest

    Going from 31s to 33s

    I've been doing a bit of poking around the forum to learn what I need to do to get my 99 TJ onto 33 inch tires. My current setup is 31 BF KO2s, stock height Bilstein shocks, stock height Moog springs, and an antirock in the front. I take my jeep on a couple of big offroad trips every year...
  13. YonderNorthwest

    Rhythmic Vibration at Highway Speed

    Got on the highway last night and noticed a pulsing vibration. I'd say its about 1 second of vibration (more like a deep hum) followed by 1 second of nothing. I am noticing it most through my foot on the throttle. I asked my passenger about it and she felt it as well. Vibes go away at around...
  14. YonderNorthwest

    Savvy Bumper Welds

    Dropped off my savvy front bumper and fairlead mount to be anodized yesterday. Associate informed me that the welds would likely come out charcoal gray rather than black if the filler was 4043 rather than 5356. Anybody happen to know what Savvy has been using for their filler? Thanks
  15. YonderNorthwest

    NTK O2 Sensor Backorder For 99 TJ 4.0

    Hey all. I've got a 99 Sahara that's got dwindling MPG and occasional missfires. Time to replace the original 225k mile old o2 sensors. Placed an order on and quickly got a response that the parts are "on national back order with no ETA". Did some googling to find mopar or resell...
  16. YonderNorthwest

    Existing Anti-rock w/ New Lift

    I have a stock height TJ with an anti-rock. Looking at installing H&R springs (~1" lift). Will I need to order a new threaded rod for the anti-rock if I'm only going up an inch, or can I get away with running the set I have now? What if I add a 1" spring spacer? In a perfect world where I have...
  17. YonderNorthwest

    Seat Cover Insert For Your Booty

    Hey all. I installed some new Bartact seat cover a few months ago. Love em. The foam on the driver's side is pretty squished, which is even more obvious with the new seat covers installed. I remember seeing somebody in one of the Bartact threads mentioning that they installed some kind of pad or...
  18. YonderNorthwest

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    What's the signature on the right side of the Dirtworx?
  19. YonderNorthwest

    Requesting Jeep Wisdom

    Are they still illegal if they were let in...?