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  1. MichaelGH

    GAIA GPS price increase

    Exactly what I did. Canceled Gaia last year. Went to OnX. Just canceled OnX.
  2. MichaelGH

    Metalcloak or Savvy in salt environment?

    This is in another thread going right now. Towards the bottom. I garage my Jeep when there is salt on the road. So I have no issues with my JJs. Food for thought though… JJs after 3 New York Winters…
  3. MichaelGH

    HVAC blower motor not working

    Did you replace the fuse with a known good one? I have pulled fuses that look good, only to install a different fuse and the circuit then works. I’d also check the wiring right at the fuse box. It could be comprised. Just like your speed selector switch was.
  4. MichaelGH

    Morryde plastic snub help

    Just pressed against it. You’re just trying to minimize/eliminate flex/vibration on the tailgate/tire mount…
  5. MichaelGH

    HVAC blower motor not working

    It sounds like your blower motor is pretty worn out and cannot turn when mounted in place… Are you sure there is nothing in the HVAC box restricting the cage blade from turning? A bunch of leaves and/or debris? Probably not, but worth a look…
  6. MichaelGH

    SOLD Savvy taillights, black

    On my TJ for approximately 2 years. Maybe 6,000 miles. All LEDs work. Look brand new… Will be clean and ready to install. Has ‘98-‘06 taillight harness plugs. All hardware bagged and ready… $180 shipped in the 48. Actual shipping anywhere else on your dime… Ready to ship…
  7. MichaelGH

    SOLD H&R 52107 1" lift springs, brand new

    H&R 52107 1" lift springs... Never taken out of box/wrapping paper... These are starting to sell for $500+ online if you cannot find existing stock… $290 shipped Located in Norwalk, Ohio 44857
  8. MichaelGH

    Ohio Revolution Super 35 axle shafts, brand new

    Revolution Gear & Axle Dana Super 35 30-spline axles... Brand new. Only taken out of box for inspection. Comes w/bearings, seals and wheel studs... These are approximately $380 w/free shipping from Revolution (w/taxes)… $300 shipped Located in Norwalk, Ohio 44857
  9. MichaelGH

    Ohio RG&A Super 35 axles, H&R coil springs

    -Revolution Gear & Axle Dana Super 35 30-spline axles... -Brand new. Only taken out of box for inspection. Comes w/bearings, seals and wheel studs… $340 -H&R 52107 1” lift springs... -Never taken out of box/wrapping paper… $320 -Metalcloak billet 6061 aluminum bumper shackle mounts…...
  10. MichaelGH

    Circlips for Spicer 5-760X u-joints

    Where are you guys sourcing your full circle snap rings for your front axle u-joints? I need the obligatory 8 for mine but I’d like to purchase extra as well. I keep seeing crazy high prices for a set of 4… These are for my Spicer 5-760X u-joints… Any help is appreciated!
  11. MichaelGH

    WTB: NP231J 23-spline transfer case

    Looking for a 23-spline NP231J transfer case. I want to rebuild and install my JB Conversions SS SYE… Located in Ohio 44857…
  12. MichaelGH

    Savvy body lift measurements

    Does anyone have a puck handy to get the following measurements? Thank you for any help! 1) Measurement between the lines. The flat top landing so to speak 2) Diameter of the center hole
  13. MichaelGH

    WTB: 2005/2006 TJ fuel tank

    Looking for an undamaged 2005/2006 TJ fuel tank. Located in Norwalk, Ohio 44857… -Michael
  14. MichaelGH

    Size of E Torx heads on starter motor?

    I can’t remember to be honest. I swapped my 2.5L engine out years ago…
  15. MichaelGH

    Rear disc brake conversion question(s)

    That’s exactly where my mind went. I currently have GC rear calipers and disks on my differential without the e-brake shoes installed because the backing/dust plates were wrecked. I am solely relying on the automatic transmission to hold the Jeep in place. Which for me is perfectly fine for now…...
  16. MichaelGH

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    That’s a good question. Probably not a bad idea at all… I have seen them with and without. I always thought they were there so the opening of the tube didn’t distort, but I have no realistic idea if that’s even possible under normal use…
  17. MichaelGH

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Just my opinion good sir…with the stresses put on that bracket as the suspension flexes…I would run another pass from the frame to the weld you already laid down, slightly hotter or just lay it in a bit slower as you go…
  18. MichaelGH

    More eBay ridiculousness

    Which would have been bad enough in and of itself but JUST door panels is a whole other level of craziness…
  19. MichaelGH

    More eBay ridiculousness

    Goodness, I know they are very difficult to find but come on…
  20. MichaelGH

    Raptor Liner Tub

    Look really good! I flipped my tub upside down and did the entire underneath. Then the entire inside as you did. Definitely would do it all over again. I love it…