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  1. MeanGreen86

    2004 LJ In Flux

    That bumper looks amazing. Let me know if you start making front fenders. I'd be interested in corner armor as well.
  2. MeanGreen86

    Work from home LJ

    the dual cameras are slick! nice work
  3. MeanGreen86

    And just like that, I found one

    you got the best color too
  4. MeanGreen86

    March 2024 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

    I like it without the lines. Creates a higher probability that I'll get extra votes :ROFLMAO:
  5. MeanGreen86

    02' TJ - Capable daily driver

    aluminum armor on a black jeep is such a good combo
  6. MeanGreen86

    Driverside tail light randomly quit

    I installed new amazon special round tail lights a few weeks ago and noticed the other day that it is completely dead. I put power to it to verify it wasn't a bad tail light. No blown fuses. I read a few threads that said to check the tail light wiring. On a related note my third brake light...
  7. MeanGreen86

    JL / JT wheels on a TJ

    All you need are the adapters. I had jk wheels on mine for a bit.
  8. MeanGreen86

    Flush mounted tail lights

    I've had these since last january with no issues. Total into the project was around 80$ and 35$ of that was buying the milwalkie hole saw.
  9. MeanGreen86

    Show me your fire extinguisher mount

    I have mine mounted on the side of my seat. I used a bracket I found at work and rivnuts in the floor.
  10. MeanGreen86

    Lessons I learned from installing Savvy rocker guards and sliders

    Solid write up! I am saving this for future use.
  11. MeanGreen86

    So we bought a Jeep—2006 LJR

    That is smart! I usually have my phone or tablet out when I'm doing repairs/mods with TWF notes
  12. MeanGreen86

    Can a barn win ROTM for Feb 2022

    @pc1p GAMECHANGER!!!!
  13. MeanGreen86

    Can a barn win ROTM for Feb 2022

    well that joke backfired....not that I was close to winning ROTM but now I have less than a barn hahaha
  14. MeanGreen86

    Can a barn win ROTM for Feb 2022

    The rule of thirds! That takes me back to high school in photography class. haha
  15. MeanGreen86

    Can a barn win ROTM for Feb 2022

    I see there are some really good contenders this month but that barn photo..... it has my vote!
  16. MeanGreen86

    Engine temp drops at highway speeds

    Thanks guys. Really good information here.
  17. MeanGreen86

    Engine temp drops at highway speeds

    @williambmac and @Jerry Bransford I never thought it could drop engine temperatures so dramatically! A good lesson learned for sure.
  18. MeanGreen86

    Engine temp drops at highway speeds

    I agree but for it to only happen at highway speeds seemed strange to me. Driving around town the temp sensor stayed around 210 but when I hit the highway it would read 130-150