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  1. Feralkid

    TJ seat foam

    Definitely gonna do this.
  2. Feralkid

    Advil's new campaign to achieve equity with pain

    Are the people who would be susceptible to the "wi pipo evil" propaganda even literate enough to read that? Don't most of them treat their pain with street drugs anyway? Who is this aimed at?
  3. Feralkid

    Pennsylvania Rugged Ridge Radiator Shield

    Brand New, in box pn 11213.03 $25 + shipping
  4. Feralkid

    SOLD ARB On-Board Air Compressor, M.O.R.E. Mounting Bracket

    ARB On-Board High Performance Output Air Compressor w/ Full Wiring Mount Kit 12V $250 + shipping for the compressor SOLD Open Box Condition is Brand New, Never Used I bought this about 5 years ago, opened the box to inspect it but never got around to installing it in my Jeep and lost the...
  5. Feralkid

    Pennsylvania Attractive plastic front frame cover

    Front frame cover $40 shipped
  6. Feralkid

    SOLD UCF low pro mount

    UCF LOW PRO MOUNT New $85 shipped
  7. Feralkid

    SOLD Rear seat belt set 2006 tj

    Set of rear seat belts from a 2006 tj $100
  8. Feralkid

    SOLD 2006 TJ fog lights with yellow lenses 4 sets of H3 bulbs

    Pair of oem fog lights from a 2006 tj with yellow hella 500 lenses 4 sets of h3 bulbs (one set installed in housing) $110 shipped
  9. Feralkid

    Pennsylvania 2006 Tailgate hinges with covers

    $65 shipped Take off tailgate hinges from a 2006 tj. Very good condition Silver Black plastic covers included
  10. Feralkid

    Pennsylvania Rear corner guards warrior products diamond plate black - NEW

    $140 shipped Brand new in box.
  11. Feralkid

    Savvy bent puck blues

    Me puck is bent it is! Be a lad and tell just how I am to unbend me puck.
  12. Feralkid

    Pennsylvania Battery cables

    Got ahold of a nice battery cable crimper. I’m offering custom battery cables at cost + shipping to forum members until I get bored or start wanting to make money. Pm me with your specs and I’ll get back to you with a quote.
  13. Feralkid

    Davis Auto Sport LJ

    I didn’t want to start another thread, so this one gets zombied
  14. Feralkid

    Next best to Savvy bumper?

    Yeah, the bumper is sexy tho. You rather bang two 5’s or wait for that perfect 10/10 👌 hot slut to grab you by the crotch and drag you into the public restroom?
  15. Feralkid

    Next best to Savvy bumper?

    Rockhard4x4 Dirtworx They make some nice 2x4 style bumpers
  16. Feralkid

    Oil Pressure Switch Part Number

    Pretty standard I believe. Pn updated to include newer mopar derived engines.
  17. Feralkid

    Oil Pressure Switch Part Number Just replaced mine with this^
  18. Feralkid

    Front drive shaft contacting cable shifter bracket bolt

    Flip it around or cut it off
  19. Feralkid

    Requesting Jeep Wisdom

    I’m gonna need more precise numbers! How many years? I want statistics jerry
  20. Feralkid

    Requesting Jeep Wisdom

    TLDR Skimmed it actually. Saw u in school. My advice. Drop the fuck out of that shit and become a full time jeeper. Going to college or whatever is useless because of the internet. If you’re curious about a subject, any subject, learn to internet. Best to join an enthusiast forum...