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  1. shumthisway

    Possible MPG problem

    Yeah I plan on getting a regear in the near future. What is it 5.13s is the max I can go with the dana 30 up front right?
  2. shumthisway

    Possible MPG problem

    Honestly that makes a lot of sense. Looks Honestly that makes a lot of sense. Really good write up. I guess I have a 5 speed until I regear 😂
  3. shumthisway

    Possible MPG problem

    I've only had it since September its always seemed a little extra thirsty but i didnt calculate my mpg until more recently.
  4. shumthisway

    Possible MPG problem

    Let me just start by saying jeeps get smiles per gallon not miles per gallon. I have no issue getting terrible mpg I just want to keep the 4.0 healthy. I have an 05 LJ 6 speed just under 80k miles on 35s and stock 3.73 gears. Currently I'm getting about 8 to the gallon and that seems abnormally...
  5. shumthisway

    Speedometer troubleshooting

    Alright guys so I'm currently trying to troubleshoot why my speedometer isn't working its completely inop doesnt move at all. All the other gauges in the cluster work. I have 5V going to the sensor and I just replaced the sensor with a duralast one i got from autozone PN: SU3073. It's an 05 LJ...
  6. shumthisway

    Stroker vs Turbo vs Supercharger vs Engine swap

    Alright, so everyone wants a little more power to get there Jeep down the road and I wanna weigh my options on what might be the best method. What are some of the best current options for engine swaps, stroker, turbo and supercharger kits and what pros and cons have you experienced with each?
  7. shumthisway

    Need a new radiator

    Alright guys... it happened gotta nice 4 inch crack on the top of my radiator. For the life of me I can't seem to find an OEM one in stock anywhere. I know OEM is the best and most reliable but what would be the 2nd best be? I have an 05 LJ 6 speed.
  8. shumthisway

    First LJ

    Hey ya'll just picked up my first LJ yesterday and I'm super pumped! Haven't owned a Jeep since I was in High School (95 YJ) and I've missed it. It does have a couple issues that I'm currently fixing to include: a little play in the steering wheel, check engine light for O2 sensor and the...