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  1. Ramona Wrangler

    Show Us Your Garden

    Mine is just tomatoes and peppers in pots this year. Looking to do a raised garden on wheels with a 1 x 2 x 6 ft water trough as the garden
  2. Ramona Wrangler

    What is this?

  3. Ramona Wrangler

    No Coil Spring Pocket / Stop

    As I was putting the rear coil springs in today, (installed 1" spacer)I noticed that there is no spring stop, top or bottom? WTF? Am I ok?
  4. Ramona Wrangler

    Pet Insurance

    Who do you recommend for dogs?
  5. Ramona Wrangler

    Polishing Aluminum Wheels

    What are you using? Neverdull? Mothers? I do not want to remove the coating
  6. Ramona Wrangler

    Boot or no Boot?

    They should be called, there really a need for these on the shocks?
  7. Ramona Wrangler

    Spray Painting New Shocks

    Anybody spray paint their shocks to go with color scheme of your rig? Rust is not really a factor here in SOCAL, but I've read Ranchos have a tendency to rust sooner than later. Or spray fluid film on them, or?
  8. Ramona Wrangler

    Bilstein 5100s ride rough

    I just put these on last month per forum recommendation...Just wondering if I should have put something else on. Everytime I hit uneven pavement, it feels like my front tires have 60psi in them. I have about 25 psi to soften the bumps, but doesn't seem to help. I'm running C-rated Hercules 31x...
  9. Ramona Wrangler

    LJ in Wisc
  10. Ramona Wrangler

    Time to get a 6 banger TJ

    I picked up a 4 banger in Feb....time to start looking for a 6 banger w/ ac , auto.. as I'm limited to what I can do to this rig.... Doesn't have to be a Rubicon, but show me the way. I would lift it if it was stock....
  11. Ramona Wrangler

    LJ parts
  12. Ramona Wrangler

    Rear not level

    New springs were installed, swapped sides with springs and I still have a 1” sag on the passenger side. New control arms installed, did the torquing with wheels on the concrete. What else could it be? Just install a 1” coil spring spacer?
  13. Ramona Wrangler

    04 LJ Salvage Title
  14. Ramona Wrangler

    California Jeep Salvage Yards in San Diego

    Where are they? We need parts!!
  15. Ramona Wrangler

    Interior Lighting

    Is there more stock interior lighting than the dome lights ? Burnt out lightbulbs someplace? I want a lot more interior lighting without using a flashlight. Plus when I open tailgate, dome lights dont go on
  16. Ramona Wrangler

    Manual Sway Bar Link Disconnect

    Do I/you remove the top or bottom bolt?
  17. Ramona Wrangler

    Transmission or Rear Differential Clunk

    2004 TJ Auto.....When I put rig in reverse or drive, I'm hearing a clunking noise. Doesn't seem to be u-joints, but could be. I crawled underneath to try and move the drive shaft and it feels solid...Just throwing this out there so I can pin point the problem, so I can fix it or pay the mechanic.
  18. Ramona Wrangler

    Rear Passenger Side Sag

    After installing new coils springs, shocks, sway bay links,,,,,the passenger rear sags a tad over an inch more than the driver side. What gives? Get a 1" coil spring spacer for the passenger side?
  19. Ramona Wrangler

    Driver Door Handle Broke?

    Can’t open the door from inside. Is there an adjustment inside the door panel or do I need a new one ?
  20. Ramona Wrangler

    WTB: Smittybilt Upper Door Skins

    Zipper has failed on driver side