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  1. mjbcomp

    Cerakote ruined my trim finish. What happened and how can I fix it?

    Show us what Cerakote product you were using. I have Cerakote on my fender flares for over a year and they look brand new. Were your flares gray and faded before Cerakoting them?
  2. mjbcomp

    In which we discuss knurled ball joints

    According to the interwebs (take this with a grain of salt. It was my very first Google hit)... Some aftermarket ball joints use knurling to help seat the ball joint more, it's really unnecessary. However, once a knurled joint has been installed, it scores the inside bore of the axle C and then...
  3. mjbcomp

    Cranks but won't start

    Having no refrigerant in the AC system would have nothing to do with a Crank/No Start situation. I would check for power and grounds. Make sure none of your power and ground cables have green crusties. Check all fuses and also try swapping relays in the under hood fuse block especially the...
  4. mjbcomp

    Scan tool options

    Sorry, yes 2006 LJ.
  5. mjbcomp

    Scan tool options

    I have an Innova 5610 which has bi-directional support. I used it to do a cam/crank relearn when i first got my LJ. Took all of 30 seconds. No issues. Amazon Link
  6. mjbcomp

    Scraping metal sound

    Could it be a backed out bolt on the torque converter hitting the flex plate?
  7. mjbcomp

    TJ seat foam

    My driver/passenger set will be here tomorrow. I'm not installing them but just bought for backup. I'm going to keep mine inside the house in a closet for future use.
  8. mjbcomp

    Single owner LJ

    No engine or undercarriage pics either...hmm.
  9. mjbcomp

    Car pics too cool not to share

    It was kinda obvious. You can see the ROBOT in the back. But i knew it was Lost In Space before i saw the robot. :)
  10. mjbcomp

    Car pics too cool not to share

    Lost In Space. What do i win? LOL
  11. mjbcomp

    TJ seat foam

    I just ordered a set of both 'just in case'. This is one of those items that once they're gone you'll never find them ever again. I guess after18 years of asses being in a 2006 oem Jeep seat the cushion material is bound to wear out sometime. This is cheap insurance.
  12. mjbcomp

    Texas 33 tooth speedo gear for 35" tires

    Good catch. I added that to my OP. :cool:
  13. mjbcomp

    Texas 33 tooth speedo gear for 35" tires

    I purchased this 33 tooth speedo gear back in december from Quadratec and was going to install it yesterday when i realized i was a dumbass and my jeep is a Rubicon so it uses the electronic hall-effect sensor so i have to go a different route to modify my speedometer. I paid $88.26 shipped to...
  14. mjbcomp

    Unknown bracket above tail light

    It is an antenna mount. Maybe they had two because one was for a HAM radio and the other for a CB. Or maybe they used one for a Flag and the other for a CB. They are definitely antenna mounts. You should be able to remove the tail lights and take them off if you don't want them.
  15. mjbcomp

    Treating the fender flares

    It works really well. Much better than the 303 Protectant. And it lasts. I did my LJ flares over a year ago and they still look shiny and new.
  16. mjbcomp

    Radio gets power but speakers are not working

    i will add to what ChasUGC suggested... you could also take a volt meter and put it on continuity and touch both speaker wires together to see if maybe there is a direct short. Also alternately, touch each speaker wire to a ground source to see if the + wire is maybe shorted. But for sure if...
  17. mjbcomp

    Side Mirror attached to GraBar Handles

    Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket mirror set that has the ability to attach to the GraBar handles when going doorless? I have used the mirrors that attach to the top door hinge in the past and they rattle so much you can't even see them. And if i'm running the half cloth doors that...
  18. mjbcomp

    Need Lockable Storage Ideas

    With as large as the TJ community is i'm hoping that some of you have suggestions on lockable storage ideas that might fit my situation. I now carry my 35" tire inside the bed of my LJ. The area between the tire and the back of seats is 10" deep (front to back), 34" wide and can accommodate a...
  19. mjbcomp

    SOLD 5 BFG 33" Tires on Mickey Thompson Wheels

    I have a set of 5 BFG All-Terrain Tires 33 x 12.50 x 15 mounted on a set of Mickey Thompson Chrome Classic Wheels Wheels. The tires were purchased less than 4 months ago. The chrome wheels are approximately 8 yrs old. I had them professionally polished which cost me $300. This is for a Jeep TJ...