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  1. Sancho

    P0456 + New Gas Cap

    For those who were able to resolve the P0456 code with a new gas cap.... how long did it take to go away? I installed a new gas cap, and am wondering if that was the fix. The CEL is still on. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to keep at it.
  2. Sancho

    Fan shroud blew up

    Fan shroud blew up into 3 pieces.... really 2 major pieces and a bottom portion. It is fixable with a good chemical adhesive, tape, and possibly bailing wire. Should I fix it or just but a new one? Any safety reasons to be concerned about?
  3. Sancho

    SOLD MORRYDE Heavy Duty Tailgate Kit

    Love this thing, especially the low profile when in tight places. But I decided to switch it up for the Orfab carrier, which is more conducive to the trips I take. (Holds my fuel and water) 1 years old. Bought in April of 2021. Great condition, held up my 33" tire well, especially on desert...
  4. Sancho

    Best phone holder options?

    Bulletpoint seems stout. Newly installed.... headed out to trona and panamints next week. I'll see if it is up to the task.
  5. Sancho

    Looking for ideas on tethering my dog to roll bar

    The cargo net works well. Keeps in a 50 lb... bitchy but vigilant German pinchser. I own.. but have not used the kurgo seatbelts dog harness. But seems safe.
  6. Sancho

    Switching to a 4WD cable

    There is a discount code on here for savvy.... something like Jeep2018 or JF2018. Cant remember. give it a search.
  7. Sancho

    Cordless sawzall

    The Milwaukee is good... I have one. Also try a Hilti if you are looking for commercial grade performance.
  8. Sancho

    F*cked By A Country Boy

    Lol. Spread by an inbred Rash on your stash This song is as timeless as ava maria.
  9. Sancho

    Does a cold air intake add power on a 4.0?

    Lots of civilians pilots do on their vroom vroom mobiles.
  10. Sancho

    Should I install an Antirock or the factory sway bar?

    Jks makes a nice quick disconnect. Easy install... and can be adjusted as you make changes to the suspension.
  11. Sancho

    Next best to Savvy bumper?

    For real tho..... OEM bumpers with the milk jug mod are sexier than savvy.
  12. Sancho

    DB 522s on sale ($60 a pair) again at Crutchfield (SALE OVER)

    Are they plug and play in dash and pods? How much audio improvement can I expect?
  13. Sancho

    Heavy duty phone mounts

    What happens if the airbag deploys? Does it become a projectile? I had a Jecar holder... similar to yours, utilizing a z-bar bracket. But the phone was still in the deployment path of the airbag.
  14. Sancho

    Heavy duty phone mounts

    Just installed them. You have 3 mounting choices. 1. Self tapping screws. Considered light duty. 2. Well screws... expansion anchors. Heavy duty. 3. Nuts and bolts... heavy duty. Need to remove dash... which is no biggie. I went with option 3... and it seems very secure. The weak point...
  15. Sancho

    Tires size and seat cloth from pictures

    Welcome! Clean looking jeep ya got there. 1. Looks like 31's. 2. Seat design looks familiar... but not 100% sure I do recall that jeep seats have had some different patterns through the years.
  16. Sancho

    I had to winch today. Got called out.

    Keep in mind a lot of people bullshit in the 4x4 world. You can test them by inquiring which line they run for that obstacle.. that should reveal a bullshitter or a learning moment. Also... obstacles can differ with diff weather. Maybe he last ran that trail when it was dry... mud can change a...
  17. Sancho

    Washington RockJock Antirock Sway Bar Kit

    You should take your own advice. Extreme terrain is advertising $471 with free shipping. So why buy a year old used one from you at damn near the same price?
  18. Sancho

    Washington RockJock Antirock Sway Bar Kit

    Yup... $400 for a used one is too high imo. I'd buy it for $200.
  19. Sancho

    Old School Jeep Mall Crawling

    I cruised by truckhaven 4x4 park in 2019 - 2020 during covid days. It was empty, and shut down in the state areas. Should be open now. Gimme a pm next time you are around! I'll head out with ya.
  20. Sancho

    Heavy duty phone mounts

    Those are universal... but work for the tj. Coincidentally, I ordered this Last monday. Glad to see a final setup.