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  1. TJScott

    Bent an axle, looking at Revolution Gear

    I have a 2003 TJ Sport, 4.0, NV3550 trans (I think), Dana 44 with disc brakes in the rear with an ARB locker, 33 x 12.5" tires and a 4" lift. I came off the freeway a couple of weeks ago into one of those long winding 90 degree off-ramps. It was wet out and I was not going very fast due to that...
  2. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    Anti-freeze is definitely mixed properly. I would never run straight water, I know better than that. Traction being finite is kind of what I meant by tires are tires. They can only do so much. Obviously, I need behind the wheel time on snow to get a feel for it. But, it sure doesn't mean I...
  3. TJScott

    Water on the floor pans (what I found)

    I had been dealing with water on my floors in my 2003 Sport. I replaced both door seals with new OEM. I checked the drain up front. It didn't rain much where I used to live so I just emptied the floor mats which held all the water, had high sides. We then moved to Canada where it rains a...
  4. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    I can see where 4WD would help when the weather goes south. Tires are tires, so stopping it may not be of much help. Perhaps if you're using engine braking, 4WD may catch a better piece of road to slow the vehicle. I watched a video where they showed two turns on a downhill slope in the snow...
  5. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    I'm running TruckLites, non heated. I had the exact same fear. My brother-in-law has told me not to worry about it, he's lived here his whole live and down the street from us. They won't be an issue. Time will tell of course. The heated variety are so expensive I won't be replacing them...
  6. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    We did occasionally get snow. Just not a lot. And certainly not what people would call real snow, then again we had no way to deal with it so it would close things down. This is about the extent of it. I was pulling the FedEx driver out. He had great tires for what they normally do, but...
  7. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    I had read that keeping the wheels spinning and using 4wd will help the turning in slick situations. Of course ice is a whole other ball of wax. Since I don't have ABS in my TJ, I have to be mindful of my braking. However, I've been driving and motorcycling vehicles for 40 years without ABS...
  8. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    My TJ doesn't have ABS. I will be driving pretty cautiously as I get used to snow driving. My wife grew up here so she is much more comfortable in snow than I am. They do salt and plow the roads, so they aren't impassable. You're still driving in some snow no matter what though. Krown...
  9. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    I live in Waterloo. Very close to Kitchener. I’ve heard winters aren’t extreme. But, for a native Southern California person, anything short of sunshine is extreme. :) I’m just going overboard trying to be prepared I guess. I know once I have the Jeep sprayed, it will be messier to work on. So...
  10. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    Thank you all. We also have my wife’s JK, which I have purchased winter tires for. That was $1,600, they aren’t cheap here. Rims as well though. I really can’t do a beater. Money and room for it are both an issue. No garage room here, so Jeep has to stay outside. The guy at the tire store said...
  11. TJScott

    For those in the cold and icy places

    I recently moved to Ontario Canada from a California high desert climate and lived my whole life in So. Cal. I’ve never lived in an area where snow was the norm. One of my concerns during the cold time of year is opening the doors. It gets real icy. Do you ever have issues getting the door open...
  12. TJScott

    Soft top header seal

    I replaced mine recently with the OEM as well. I wanted a good seal since I was putting a new hard top on because I moved to a very wet and snowy location in Ontario Canada from the desert. In fact it’s raining like crazy out there as I write. No leaks by the way. I even fixed the leaks where it...
  13. TJScott

    best air line route?

    I followed the brake lines as Jerry said. Anywhere the line might rub I put it inside of rubber hose and zip tied it. I also used rubber hose around the line in the engine bay where it comes off the pump since it lightly rubs against the booster. I put mine in the same place as you are...
  14. TJScott

    Why do people think Jeeps are unreliable?

    It's a 15 plus-year-old vehicle. If you don't keep up on the maintenance it will become an issue. Couple that with the fact that they are designed with offroad use in mind. Which adds in harder than normal use. Then top it off with the fact that most people modify these things more than a...
  15. TJScott

    Get 'em while they're hot: new 03-04 Bosch fuel pump assemblies

    They had them in as well. So, I ordered one. It shows it will be in stock in a week or so. So, maybe it won't happen. But, worth a shot. Since mine is exhibiting the long start issue. So, I usually turn on the key for just a few seconds and start it up that way. So far so good...
  16. TJScott

    California OEM fenders and bumper

    I have sold and given away the bumpers and fender flares. We move at the end of the week, so it had to go. Sgt Jeep in Rosamond has the flares. About to become Canadian. :)
  17. TJScott

    California OEM fenders and bumper

    They are.
  18. TJScott

    Is it normal for hot or cold air to stop coming out of the vents when the engine is under load?

    I have an 03 that does the exact same thing. I replaced the vacuum line in the engine bay. But it didn’t help. I figured it couldn’t hurt even if it wasn’t the issue. Obviously, I have more chasing down to do. I will use the diagram and check some of those areas.
  19. TJScott

    California OEM fenders and bumper

    I’m selling the whole set. Hooks included of course.
  20. TJScott

    MOPAR Radiator

    I don’t have the answer. But, if it’s not in your profile. You may want to add details of your configuration. Engine, trans etc. BTW, welcome aboard. :)