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  1. GA_Jeeper

    Help identifying this loose and slow 32RH leak

    Already tightened up but just curious what it is or what purpose it serves.
  2. GA_Jeeper

    32RH and RPM fluctuations

    I'm looking for some advice on things to consider regarding an RPM fluctuation when going down the highway...The rig is a 2002 TJ 4.0 and 32RH automatic with about 167K miles on it. Recently it has had new plugs, fluids, trans fluid and filter. Shifts just fine though first second and third...
  3. GA_Jeeper

    Georgia Jeeps, wine, BBQ

    Anyone else from the Atlanta/N Georgia area going to head up to the Cleveland/Dahlonega area and Kaya Vinyards for Jeeps in the Vines next month? I've dropped the link below for registration. Nice way to spend a Saturday. This will be the first time taking the TJ...
  4. GA_Jeeper

    Added A New TJ to the Family

    Hello fro GA - Just purchased a TJ to join the the JL and other Jeep. Been looking for a TJ for a while now hard to believe this one was only a few miles from home. Been looking all over and then after checking out another TJ with massive frame rot - and then later that day I'm test driving...