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  1. Aviatortroy

    Jeep acts like key is not detected

    Hey guys I’m in a major pickle. I’m sure I’m going to eat crow on this but I had a charging problem last week and rebuilt the alternator. I did have the battery disconnected for a couple days. Seemed 100% fixed and charging fine now. I drove it all around town today running errands. The last...
  2. Aviatortroy

    Ideal All-Purpose RPM for Re-Gearing

    Interesting, I’m looking at re-gearing and I have the NSG370 6 speed with 33” KO2s. Stock gears are 3.73 and here in CO I sort of need a wide variety of capabilities from crawling rocky trails to going 85 on the highway for hours on end. Most people seem to recommend 4.88 with 33-35” tires but...
  3. Aviatortroy

    Valeo heater core discontinued

    I’m good with it. I’m wondering if it just took a long time to get a bubble out or something. I still don’t think it puts out quite as much as the factory one. With my instant read kitchen thermometer I get about 140 degrees out of the vents with the blower on 1. 135 on 2. But only about 120 on...
  4. Aviatortroy

    For all of us with two wheels also

    Definitely a motorcycle family here. My grandfather had a Henderson in the 1920’s that I used to love hearing stories about as a kid. Dad still rides a Sportster and a ‘74 Honda CB750 at the age of 75. Our honeymoon was a 3 week ride across the country on only dirt and backroads camping every...
  5. Aviatortroy

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Might have bit off a little more than I could chew this afternoon, but all’s well that ends well!
  6. Aviatortroy

    Jeeps and kids (sort of)

    My 8 year old gets very upset with me when he goes in the garage and sees the top is on.
  7. Aviatortroy

    Jeeps Parking Next To Other Jeeps

    An inferiority complex is a real bitch, man.
  8. Aviatortroy

    Jeeps Parking Next To Other Jeeps

    I only see one jeep in that picture
  9. Aviatortroy

    Finding hardtop locating pins?

    Hiya, trying to find the following... Mopar 55395147AA Pin-Locating The white plastic flat protruding pins that line up the hard top. Regular TJ needs 2, I’m refinishing an LJ hardtop which needs 4, and 3 of mine are...
  10. Aviatortroy

    Painting a hardtop

    Still curing, expected to flatten out over the next day or so but I think the sheen is about right
  11. Aviatortroy

    Painting a hardtop

    Just did today! I have always hated the cheap looking heavily textured finish, and I had some spots that needed a little body work anyway. Glass cloth, resin, Bondo in spots, no rocket science there. Used 2 part catalyzed high build primer and then the fun began. Orbital sander 80 grit, Wet...
  12. Aviatortroy

    Ophir and Black Bear Passes

    I, uhhhh, can’t tell what kind of car that started out as?
  13. Aviatortroy

    Okay, Fess Up. Who Has Named Their Jeep? (And What Is It?)

    When I first got my Jeep I though his name was Rocky, but after I got to know him that was clearly not correct.... Dusty it is!
  14. Aviatortroy

    Hit a fawn while deer hunting

    Totally off topic but this is one of my favorite deer videos, it was a helmet cam during a race.... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"...
  15. Aviatortroy

    Hit a fawn while deer hunting

    I’ve never hit a deer with a car knock on wood but I did have a deer run into the side of me on a motorcycle one time. I saw it way ahead of time and got slowed down, I was going about 15 and it was kind of running along next to me and then it just about jumped in my lap. I didn’t go down though.
  16. Aviatortroy

    Current used TJ prices making me consider selling mine

    I was in Moab in May and a guy walked up to me in town as i finished parked and asked if I would take 28k$ cash right there for my LJ. I asked him if he was crazy and he said it’s really hard to find one around that is pretty stock and not modded to death with stupid shit. That money did kinda...
  17. Aviatortroy

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Yesterday I replaced all my hoses. Holy shit getting the clamp on the water pump end of the hose sucked. Today I did this to my LJ.... Cleaned the house this morning, made some zucchini bread, went out for a quick drive, and made it home before Happy Hour! Not a bad day.
  18. Aviatortroy

    Seatbelt light

    Any of you gurus know why my seatbelt light has suddenly started intermittently coming on? Not every time I drive, but I’ve seen it a few times lately
  19. Aviatortroy

    Strange yellow mark on paint

    Oh yeah, Megs Ultimate Compound, great for paint transfer, trail pinstripes, and something like that. In all seriousness if it doesn’t show signs of coming off with a little rubbing compound chances are it is some weird reaction with the bag which I cannot explain, bad news is it’s probably in...
  20. Aviatortroy

    How much is this 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport with 69k miles worth?

    Anyone looking for a a jeep just wait a few months, the housing market is already starting to slide, socialist unemployment payments are imploding, the quarterly jobs report Friday was terrible.... Disposable income is going to be down, and the price of Jeep, dirt bikes, and other toys is about...