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  1. Cheetokps

    Want to help the next generation learn how to work on cars?

    Hi everyone, I am a member of my school’s (UConn) Formula SAE team. This is an organization where we design, build, and race a new car every year against other schools from around the country. Our annual competition is at the Michigan international speedway, where we came in 10th overall and 3rd...
  2. Cheetokps

    What's going on with my lugnuts?

    Hey guys, I’m super confused here. Last year my front left fell off while driving, luckily I was okay. I was confused because I was pretty sure I torqued all the lug nuts, figured maybe I forgot or something and thought it was just a weird happening. Just now, I felt something weird and still...
  3. Cheetokps

    P0174 Bank 2 P0174 Error Code

    Hello, the last few months I have occasionally been getting a P0174 code, stating bank 2 is running too lean. I replaced all 4 O2 sensors but it did not help. Thanks to @AndyG i learned a bit about fuel trim from this site and tested it with my code reader. At idle, the short term trims hover...
  4. Cheetokps

    New head unit says miswiring

    Hello, I just installed my new JVC head unit. I tested it and it worked, so I then installed my new sound ordnance 4 channel amp. Now when I start it I get a message saying “miswiring”. I have the amp connected to the head unit with a 4-way rca cable. I thought it was a ground but I put it on...
  5. Cheetokps

    Best place to buy a winch?

    I’ve been looking into winches more seriously now, my top choice is the Smittybilt x20 comp 10k. I was debating buying the badlands apex winch since it’s $100 off right now, but I still prefer the smittybilt. The smitttbilt is currently $624 on Amazon, although the price fluctuates a lot. I...
  6. Cheetokps

    Melting fuse and no tail lights or dash lights

    Hello, I am having an issue where every now and then my tail lights, dashboard lights, and side markers will turn off. Often it will go back to normal or I can wiggle around the fuse and it will fix it. However, this time I was not able to fix it and had to drive 2 hours on the highway with no...
  7. Cheetokps

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Didn't know about fitment issues... my top does bow down in the middle and pools rainwater. I don't think my old one (sierra offroad) really did that, so could just be bad fitment maybe
  8. Cheetokps

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Got my soft top on the other day too! Got a new bestop to replace my crappy old one this year. I’ve seen some preventative care done to new soft tops, anything anyone recommends as important to do?
  9. Cheetokps

    Bestop Replace A Top Installation Questions

    Yes, autocorrect got the best of me lol
  10. Cheetokps

    Bestop Replace A Top Installation Questions

    Morris 4x4, although I have heard they’re very slow with shipping in general. I ordered it last May and it didn’t come until the fall Probably the same storm we’re getting here in CT tomorrow, looks like a lot of rain so I’ll figure out if it will leak pretty fast 🤣
  11. Cheetokps

    Bestop Replace A Top Installation Questions

    Great, maybe I can try stitching this one back and have 2 tops. I’m hoping it doesn’t leak how it is now, especially because this too took 6 months to arrive
  12. Cheetokps

    Bestop Replace A Top Installation Questions

    It was stitched on but it pulled out when I very lightly tugged on it. So they must have barely done it. I’m wondering if I can stitch it back together myself? I wouldn’t want to have them send a new top or anything
  13. Cheetokps

    Bestop Replace A Top Installation Questions

    Hey guys, I’m finally getting around to installing my new soft top onto my frame and I have a few questions. First, it appears the header corner fabric ripped. Side that looks good: Side that looks ripped: Would this have to be fixed for the top to function properly? Can I just see it...
  14. Cheetokps

    Can someone recommend a quality locking gas cap

    I have a friend with a tj who doesn't live too far... he'd never know
  15. Cheetokps

    Can someone recommend a quality locking gas cap

    I ran over my gas cap the other day (went into the gas station and forgot I left it on my tire instead of putting it back on) so I was thinking of getting a locking one since I need a new one anyway. But after seeing all this it seems pointless, so I'll try gluing mine back together and if it...
  16. Cheetokps

    3D Print Ideas

    My friend just bought a 3D printer and offered to print me anything I needed, so I got to thinking about what I could make. Does anyone have any good ideas for useful/cool things to make with a 3D printer? Either mods, small replacement parts, or even things not necessarily jeep related So far...
  17. Cheetokps

    Jeeps Parking Next To Other Jeeps

    Saw this JL and JK parked in a line when looking for a spot, so naturally I had to complete the generational lineup
  18. Cheetokps

    Connecticut FREE Tan carpets, used soft top, random parts

    Edit: Decided to keep my side windows as a backup/trail windows as they seem they would fit onto my new bestop
  19. Cheetokps

    Connecticut FREE Tan carpets, used soft top, random parts

    Tan carpets out of a 2002 Jeep Wrangler (long console). In pretty good shape, but still worn in. Just replaced with newer, thicker carpeting: Free Tan sierra off-road soft top (NO FRAME, NO WINDOWS)- rear window has a rip, the rest of the top is in good shape: Free Brand new RS5000x shock...
  20. Cheetokps

    PSA: Do your self a favor and wear PPE!

    Hmmm maybe I should buy a face shield, I always use safety glasses but looks like that wouldn't help here. In the past I've been under my car grinding off a bolt or something with my angle grinder right near my face, I didn't even consider how dangerous it was until I was looking back at it...