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  1. BryantJT

    SOLD For Sale - 2006 TJ Rubicon 6 Speed

    Price dropped again, link to Google Album with a pile of photos.
  2. BryantJT

    SOLD For Sale - 2006 TJ Rubicon 6 Speed

    You're not wrong, it was a fun project but now it is "complete" for me anyway. Time for the next project.
  3. BryantJT

    SOLD For Sale - 2006 TJ Rubicon 6 Speed

    Selling my 2006 Rubicon. I bought it with 157,000 miles and it's only been used in the summer and now has 161,000 miles. All parts and accessories have less than 4000 miles on them. I've enjoyed it so much that I bought a Gladiator late last year and don't need 2 similar vehicles. In the last 2...
  4. BryantJT

    Learning about what I bought, what was wrong & how to fix it.

    I have the Currie/RockJock 4" lift and 33s. It is substantially larger than my Gladiator Rubicon on 33s. Ride is very smooth but I have a very "active" steering wheel on rough pavement. I think I need to dial in more caster.
  5. BryantJT

    Oil around grommets on valve cover

    Is there a thread with part numbers for the front and rear grommets for a 2006 4.0? I'm not finding them in stock in one location.
  6. BryantJT

    Best price on Bestop?

    I picked up a Twill Bestop for mine from Amazon Warehouse. It was an open box return, paid a little over half price for it. The inner plastic bag wasn't even opened.
  7. BryantJT

    Gladiator has too many compromises?

    That's why I bought both.
  8. BryantJT

    Jeep Compass Trailhawk

    The Compass platform is essentially the new Dodge Neon. It was a shared platform with the Dodge Caliber, Jeep Compass, and Jeep Patriot. I had 2 Compasses, both 5speed manuals, a 2010 and a 2012. The 12 was replaced by a 14 Cherokee which I don't recall what platform that shared.
  9. BryantJT

    Engine Noise—Jeep Thing or Major Issue?

    I don't know what that is but it certainly isn't good. I'd be pulling off the oil pan and maybe looking into the timing cover as well.
  10. BryantJT

    Break-over and departure angles—I'm an odd duck

    He is suggesting he doesn't know your terrain and can't make a recommendation.
  11. BryantJT

    Gladiator has too many compromises?

    I'll be trading in my Ram 1500 Rebel when my custom ordered Gladiator Rubicon comes in. I'm keeping the TJ for tighter/rougher trail duty, and the Gladiator will be my daily driver/casual offroader. Why? I put more miles on the TJ this year than the Rebel. Top down and looking for reasons to...
  12. BryantJT

    What is the biggest tire I can run without changing my gearing?

    Quick search shows that year with 4 cylinder auto is a 3.73 gear. As for tire size, you may have to go metric to get the size you want as 16" wheels don't have much selection in "flotation" sizes, ie, inch sizes. You'd be looking for 265-80x16 or 275-80x16 to get close to that inch size.
  13. BryantJT

    Help Diagnosing Locker Issue

    My front locker was similar when I picked up my Rubicon in 2018. It would engage and then it would blink and then solid for a bit then blink some more. Doing as suggested, I parked in the garage and had all 4 tires off the ground and engaged both lockers. They cycled and engaged, verified...
  14. BryantJT

    Any tips on potential fix for this leak?

    If it's the little blob on the bottom of the transmission, I'd say that is a rear main seal leak, or possibly a valve cover leak that has run down the back of the motor. There is a very detailed thread at, HERE on how to replace the rear main seal. Short story version: Support transmission...
  15. BryantJT

    This Jeep means 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 to me?

    Whenever he crosses over to other YouTube channels that I watch, it costs their channel my view. I can't stand WhistinDiesel, he's less of a douche on other's channels but still untolerable.
  16. BryantJT

    Winch Problems

    Look at your photos from inside the motor housing, there is the other end of your brush terminal wire. If you're looking at $100 for a new motor and you're uncertain about the gearbox health, I'd just get a Harbor Freight 12,000 lb winch with a coupon which puts it at $250 or $300 for the steel...
  17. BryantJT

    My 'latest' favorite YouTuber

    Ave is awesome! Go way back and see what he does with a potato and machine tools.
  18. BryantJT

    Seat Bushings

    PETG parts hold up to the interior heat. That's what I made my phone holder and cb microphone mount out of after the PLA drooped like hot taffy.
  19. BryantJT

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Had my 33s rebalanced, rotated as well, installed the ZJ steering linkages, shortened my Antirock links due to some rubbing at full twist, installed all new cats from Flowmaster, new rear main seal, new O2 sensors and new iridium plugs. For the longest time I thought the TJs just drove poorly...
  20. BryantJT

    Oil Pump Priming?

    I'm glad to report, that was not the case for me, bummer about yours though.