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  1. bmcgc

    Tax Season

    I get a break on car tags for being a veteran. It's about $125 to register all 5 vehicles, and just the motorhome is $70 of that due to the GVWR.
  2. bmcgc

    Toyhauler sized Jeep build

    The only way I am getting near that thing is if Queequeg harpoons me, then throws a trawl net on me and drags me behind it.
  3. bmcgc

    Tax Season

    Ouch. I paid $3120 property tax last year for a home valued at $240k + $4200 to insure the house, motorhome, 65 & 67 Mustang, 99 TJ and 22 Santa Cruz.
  4. bmcgc

    Tax Season

    I never planned on living in Georgia long term. By age 65, we are paying no state income tax on 130k of retirement income. Home values are well below the national average. I pay low property taxes and low insurance rates, but I can't sell and buy a comparable home out west for the same money...
  5. bmcgc

    Tax Season

    Four years ago we quit the rat race. I quit my job and retired and my wife cut back to a 9 month a year contract. We work to stay in the 12% tax bracket. I see no reason to work hard, earn more, then give a larger percentage to the government so they can fund gender studies, pay for wars and...
  6. bmcgc

    Tax Season

    Finally finished up a couple days ago. After a review to check the numbers, I will mail out today. We only owe $1180 to the Feds and Georgia owes us $260. So much better than I thought. Luckily, most of the capital gains are in the 401k and the ROTHs. We will have a lot of financial...
  7. bmcgc

    Wheel Color

    One month on the General Grabber 265-75-15 A/S tires. An excellent tire for what we need. At 31" tall and an inch narrower than a 31-10.5-15, it sits right, rides smooth, is quiet and handles well on the road. Less rolling resistance. We are very happy with the tire choice. No offroad yet...
  8. bmcgc

    Grab Bars

    3 months, no issues.
  9. bmcgc

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    We may need a companion thread "What should I do to my TJ today". I have plenty of To-Do's, but when I turn the key and it starts and drives, it is on the bottom of my Spring To-Do list. Taxes, lawn, hot tub, motorhome are all eating up my time right now. I did hose the pollen off this...
  10. bmcgc

    Its started

    My wife has been finding duck's on the Jeep. I told her to throw that $hit away.
  11. bmcgc

    AC vents

    With over a million TJ's sold + 97-01 Cherokees that use the same vent, why is the center HVAC vent not reproduced? Both of mine were busted when I bought the jeep, I was able to take the two of them and make one good vent. I am making a JY trip soon, if I can't locate one, it looks like $40...
  12. bmcgc

    Tax Season

    Finally received all my tax docs to start working on last years return. I can't seem to get the motivation to get started. Maybe today, after a nap...
  13. bmcgc

    Gear Ratio

    I am scratching my head trying to figure out gear ratio and tire diameter. My 99 TJ has a 3.07 gear and came with 30-9.5-15 tires that are about 29.5" tall. Some TJ's came with the same 3.07 gears and 205-75-15 tires that are about 27.1" tall. The 3.07 and 32RH are a good match on the road...
  14. bmcgc

    Tire Load Ranges

    Shopping for tires for the TJ. Most metric tires are a SL load range with 4 plys and a max inflation of 44 psi. Most flotation tires are a C1 load range with 6 plys and a max inflation of 50 psi. The 255 70 18 Bridgestones are coming off. 32" tall. The next couple years, driving will be...
  15. bmcgc

    A couple of my favorite videos

    I surf YouTube a lot. Here are a couple of my favorite videos.
  16. bmcgc

    Side Steps

    My 99 has 3/4 nutserts per side to hold the side steps on. The new factory style side steps offered have a u-bolt and two hooks per bracket for 01-06 TJ's. Does no one sell the 97-00 style brackets? I have seen a few used for sale, but at 25 years old, they are pretty beat up. I want the...
  17. bmcgc

    Wheel Color

    After way more prep time than I anticipated, I am close to putting color on my Ravine wheels. My plan was oem silver, Rustoleum Steel is nearly a perfect match. I ran across a pic of a Golden Eagle and really like the gold wheels, so now I am thinking a tan or gold color. If I go with gold...
  18. bmcgc

    Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan

    Our 40th President was born Feb 6, 1911.
  19. bmcgc

    Missing Pack Member

    One of the pack had to go in for surgery this morning. She will not be home until tomorrow afternoon. The entire household is in disarray when a pack member is missing.
  20. bmcgc


    By buddies place near Baker City OR this morning.