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    Help with rim choice

    I've just bought a set of 31's as part of an upgrade after i crashed and figure it makes sense to stick them into the repair budget! The initial plan was to fit to the stock 5 spoke 15*7 rims, but the Jeep parts supplier here has a set of these Chrome ones available at a decent price. Buying...
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    Steering locked up on a roundabout

    Was driving up to my parents, and coming off a slip road from the motorway onto a roundabout which was clear so didn't slow as much as usual when the steering completely locked up and the brakes didn't seem to work as well expected either. Went straight into a lamppost which luckily stopped me...
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    Center console front cutout insert

    Hi All, I recently installed a "full" centre console into my TJ. However have got 3 problems 1 - This section is uncovered. I don't have a airbag switch and can't seem to find any available replacement parts for it. Does anyone either know what i can search for on Ebay/Ali Express etc or has...
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    Removing Spare Wheel - Secure Hard Top Window?

    I'm in the process of removing my spare wheel, however in the process i've realised the only thing stopping the rear window opening is the brake light/spare. Is there a way of "locking" the rear window or is it just an accepted risk given i'm unlikely to ever have much of value in there?
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    Stereo losing power completely when switching ignition off

    I bought my TJ with a Kenwood aftermarket stereo, it always reset with the ignition, and so never stored any data for the clock/settings etc which was annoying. It was also horrifically flashy. I bought a Blaupunkt Madrid 200 which looks a little more muted. The wiring harness was already fine...
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    Beginners refresh of things on the Jeep

    Ok, the heading is pretty terrible, but couldn't think of a better way to phrase it. I bought a '98 4.0 Automatic TJ over here in Spain back in April. Then went to the UK for a few months and now i'm back again. I've brought with me bits of a soft top roof, new seats and a centre console. As...
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    WTB: Soundbar - Either model - EU Based

    Hi My '98 TJ didn't come with the soundbar fitted. Happy with either the earlier model or will botch the later revision to fit Note i'm in the EU (Spain), so needs to be willing to ship.
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    Audi TT Seats in a '98 TJ?

    I've seen a few posts about the Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon for the US folk) seats fitting into a TJ pretty easily which i'm keeping an eye out for. However i'm also wondering if anyone has used any from an Audi TT...
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    Automatic Shifter Indicator

    Does anyone have a fix for the shifter position indicator where it doesn't move up/down with the lever? Mine looks like it's stuck between Park and Reverse as i can just see some slight shading in both squares. I would have assumed it was just a bit of a marker attached to the side of the...
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    Factory Side Steps on a '98

    Bought a set of these to help my wife get into the jeep. However in my lack of knowledge i didn't realise they changed the fittings and since it's a 50/50 chance of being wrong, i (of course) managed to turn that into a 100% chance. I had thought that they were at least interchangeable just...
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    No Name Jeep Build Log

    I've never been one to name my cars, so the heading will be considerably more boring than most. As posted in this thread. I got my Jeep last Friday. I've always wanted a Wrangler but never felt it was suitable for me. However...
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    Paddle Board / Canoe on Roof

    For taking my boards to the beach i need to strap them to the roof. I've looked at a few of the big brands, but the thought of spending >$600 to transport a 15kg board seems madness. The plan was to strap to the roll bars, but would be better for a cross beam in the rear. Does anyone know of...
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    Seat Belt Tension too tight

    Seems i'm the only one with this issue with most people complaining of loose seat belts! My drivers side seat belt is absolutely perfect, however the passenger one is really tight and strangles the wife, even on the lowest setting. Is there any way to slacken it off so it only pulls a bit?
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    First Jeep

    Hi All, I've just bought my first Jeep. Should be delivered on Friday although there's a chance i have to wait another weekend! I'm from the UK, and so a Jeep never quite suited a family of 4 or the UK weather. However we're in the process of moving to Spain and without the kids and so my...