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    In desperate need: 97 TJ 4cyl, 5sp PCM!

    @Tray Burge Please give me a call whenever you get a moment. 866-888-7710. Thanks Mark
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    ECU affecting Instrument cluster?

    The ecm controls the instrument cluster and it is a common failure. Have you had any codes? We can know for certain if you send the pcm into us for testing. We run it in our jeep and apply testing costs towards repair or replacement cost if it is the ecm. Thanks, Mark
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    We can tune the oem pcm for you. Just know it is just a question of when until that part starts failing.
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    I remember our first date like it was yesterday!
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    You would hurt my feelings if I had any.
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    Jeep randomly dies

    @MMcClure21 It is the pcm that has failed you. O2 sensor codes, loss of gauges and stalling while driving are all signs of a faulty pcm. You can call me to discuss in further detail if you’d like. 866-888-7710.
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    Troubleshooting P0135 and high short term fuel trim (+30ish at idle)

    Good morning in Maricopa county, I can test your ecm in my Jeep if you would like to send it into me. The P0135 does come back as a possible ecm failure so I think you're on the right path. You can call me to discuss in further detail if you'd like. Thanks, Mark
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    Stuck in Open Loop, failed PCM? Help?

    Yes, indeed, that computer has gone failed you. It sits in the hottest part of the vehicle slow roasting until it is finally done! We ship same day, programmed ready to go. It’s normally about a 5 minute installation but you can double that time in Kentucky! 👀😂
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    WranglerFix or SIA Electronics for ECU repair

    Thank you for the kind words. I have used SIA for some Cummins repairs in days gone by and they are a reputable company. We have the Jeeps to run and test the pcm in is the main difference between us.
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    Sad my jeep keeps failing me

    @finsfan07 Your pcm has failed you...The P0016 is a cam, crank and OPDA alignment issue. Which brand opda do you have? You can call me to discuss in further detail if you'd like. 866-888-7710.
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    Starting a Wrangler TJ after 3 years

    Good day from south Florida, I have the pcm available and can ship on Monday. 🇵🇱
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    P0700 with a P0720 code erratic shifting

    in the early stages of failure, you can get away with unplugging and resetting the pcm. It will get to the point where that won’t work anymore and it sounds like you’re there.
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    P0700 with a P0720 code erratic shifting

    Top of the morning to you in Tuscon, Arizona! It is the pcm that has failed you. Our units comes programmed, ready to go, take 5 minutes to install and the jeep will run better than it ever has! You can call me at 866-888-7710 to discuss in further detail. Thanks, Mark
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    Yes, sir.
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    Send in your current pcm for tuning.
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    We are currently working on JTECH tunes.
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    Yes they are.
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    Yes, sir!
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    Good morning to all of you, Sorry for the delays in responding. The tune @AndyG is running is our latest, professionally written tune. Below is a brief description of what was done: These tunes are tailored to enhance throttle response, increase horsepower, torque across the entire powerband...
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    My tuner is working on a jtech tune. I will keep you updated.