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    Gear pattern check

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    Gear pattern check

    The more I adjust this, the more I get confused i understand you don’t want the harsh line. Should I increase pinion depth here or decrease? It’s a dana 30 high pinion. First pic is coast side, second is drive. Is it just the pinion too shallow still?
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    Single owner LJ

    Not near the coast
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    Single owner LJ

    Yeah, I would think so as well. I want to check it out but don’t want to waste her time since i’m not a real buyer.
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    Single owner LJ

    There’s one part that is kinda in one pic and it looks clean
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    Single owner LJ

    Found this local to me. Can check it out for anyone seriously interested. Seems like a good deal.
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    SOLD ORI STX Struts

    Great deal
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    North Carolina LJ Hardtop, control arms, banks cat back

    $1900 Selling my LJ hardtop. It has been bedlined with upol raptor liner. Defrost and rear wiper both work. I need the money to finish my JK axle swap! All hardware included Free rough country control arms. Joints need rebuilding $100 banks cat back exhaust I’m open to trades if you have...
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    Parking brake on JK axle swap

    What are people doing for the parking brake on a jk axle swap? I haven’t found a clear concise answer
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    SOLD LJ dana 44 (disc brakes)

    I’m going to be doing a jk axle swap on my LJ so i’m selling the dana 44 rear axle on my jeep. It’s in good working condition. All stock except a JKS rear track bar bracket and unknown adjustable track bar that is included. It’s got 3.73 gears, the factory LSD, and disc brakes. It’s got 175k...
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    42RLE output shaft lengths

    EDIT: Figured out I finally got around to replacing my 42rle. It would seem mud was the culprit to my intermittent slipping issues. Anyway, I got everything back together to realize that the output shaft on this 42rle I got from an 03 TJ is a different length that the one that was on my 06 LJ...
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    42rle Trans mount bolt size?

    Can someone tell me the bolt size for the 4 bolts that mount the actual trans mount to the 42rle tranny? Not the 4 small nuts that hold the mount to the skid. The ones that came out the old 42rle are not the ones that fit the new 42rle.
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    Transmission slipping and codes

    So, earlier today my transmission started slipping. It’s an 06 with a 42rle. I’m wondering if anybody has any ideas on what to check first. Should I just swap the solenoid? Fluid level was a little low so I topped it off and still have the same issues and codes. Fluid and filter were changed a...
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    SOLD Black hard upper half doors

    Selling a pair of hard upper doors with sliders. Will only fit 97-06 tj and lj. They’re in great shape. Seals are good and glass is intact and slides freely. The latches are also intact and latch nicely. I applied back to black on one door so you could see they are a hair faded. Price is...
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    SOLD White passenger half door & blue drivers door

    I’m selling a good condition white passenger half door and a meh condition drivers side blue/black door. The white door is in perfect shape body wise. No dings or dents are all. Absolutely no rust. It does have a few scratches though. Missing the interior door handle and lock cylinder and maybe...
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    SOLD Tan half door uppers with frame

    selling a set of half door uppers. In good shape. Zippers are in great shape and open and close easily. There’s a little frayed part on the edge (pictured). Asking $50 bucks. Shipping available at buyers expense.
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    Weird codes

    Anybody have any info on theses codes. I know the p0161 but unsure about all the rest.
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    SOLD Tan Half Door Panels

    If you’re okay shipping them. Try listing them on ebay for $450 to account for shipping costs and the fee they take. Things usually sell well on ebay.
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    SOLD Tan Half Door Panels

    I think i’m the one who sold you them khaki panels on facebook!
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    TJ Steering Shafts and Bearings: What I Know

    Knock the roll pin out and swap the end shaft. Gives you a good quality piece with new bushing for half the price. I made a post earlier in the thread about it.