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    Woodrow's 97 Green TJ Moderate Build

    Amazing Job and write-up! Great job with this build, looks awesome. Is that an Australian Shepherd you have? I have one and they are great dogs.
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    p0032, p0038, p0052, & p0058 codes

    Any chance that you have clogged cat, or possibly a bad ground wires. I would look into those two items first.
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    Master cylinder to proportion valve line: looking for an inexpensive replacement line

    Hi all - Needed to replace the Master Cylinder and when removing one of the bolts it broke one of the hard lines. I found Mopar part number 52008399AB (picture 5 below) but it has been discontinued. Is anyone aware of a place that would custom build and ship? Trying not to spend $100 on this...
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    Rubicon Fender Flares - Mass

    No relation to the Seller.
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    2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - $14,500
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    TRX Forum - Guns

    One of the TRX Forum recently passed away, great forum member, and his family and friends have been active on the forum telling us about what happened. Anyways, the guy had a ton of weapons, some unique/banned. I am no gun expert but looks like good stuff...
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    PA: 05 Jeep Wrangler LJ OEM Front & Rear Fenders - $650

    Looks good. Rubi flares and fenders.
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    Center console with subwoofer insert

    Some people look for the center console subwoofer insert. Here is one in NY.
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    Rear Brake Bleeding Issue

    Hi Guys - tackled a brake job today, pads and rotors, as well as the e-brake shoes. I had a major rear brake issue where a caliper was sticking and my existing rear passenger pad was toast, like no more pad remaining - my rear wheels were on fire (figuratively). I attempted to bleed the brakes...
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    Rubihara near Pittsburgh #0423-1000; 123k miles; 20k OBO

    If it was only a manual and number close at 423.
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    Boosted Tech Supercharger Kit Issues / Forced Induction Tuning Rant (From a Tuners Standpoint)

    I would recommend joining the HP Tuner forum and look for a Jeep 4.0 tuner, like on this thread. I am learning this now as well, but on a different platform, Tuner Studio, with a different ECU for a different vehicle. Best of luck!
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    Boosted Tech Supercharger Kit Issues / Forced Induction Tuning Rant (From a Tuners Standpoint)

    Does your tuner know how to tune is the bigger question? I have seen and heard of lots of so called tuners who blow up engines. They talk a big game, and if you are noob, you may not know how to spot a "talker". Are you stacking a piggyback on the stock ECU or does the kit come with a stand...
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    DIY Speaker Pods

    The way audio should be played! Boogie knows a lot about audio (not how to keep a wife) so any advice he gives you should take. Boogie - what 5.25" would you go with if keeping the stock set-up?
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    DIY Speaker Pods

    How are you listening to these? Just curious as you may be the only person to say that Polks are more bass heavy than Kicker. Go with the Hertz, you heard them and liked them, don't second guess yourself here else you will always say I wish I got Hertz. I think you sold yourself on them. By...
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    DIY Speaker Pods

    That's why I would default to the Kicker D Series for what you are seeking, and from Crutchfield so you get the installation gear, pigtails and brackets. D Series is great for anyone that wants a stock plug and play. Score some $8 boom mat baffles as well. Kicker's are half the price of the...
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    DIY Speaker Pods

    If you are looking for something other than Polk or Kicker, start looking at BLAM, Jehnert, Micro Precision, Ground Zero or Helix. BLAM have 2 ohm speakers with high sensitivity ratings. Just look for their mid or high end speaker, Live or Signature series. Also, depending on how you use your...
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    NRS Brake Pads

    Just following up here, as there is little information on these pads. I believe they are more geared towards EV cars who use brakes less than ICE cars, due to EV brake regeneration. The main issue with EV brakes is they are seldomly used and water gets in between the backing plate and...
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    NRS Brake Pads

    Eh, they are Canadians that care about rust! If you have never heard of them, then I am passing and going to buy stock Brembos. I searched all over the internet, every forum I could think of, and never found a single user who tried them. As much as I like trying new things, I'll pass on...
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    NRS Brake Pads

    Any chance you know this company and their pads? Stock Brembo pads are like $700 for front and rear, and while I am not trying to save money or being cheap, I was looking for an alternative to the Brembo pads.
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    NRS Brake Pads

    Tough call, but if the Wildwood kits are working it's probably the best out there. Are you going to give it a try? Funny, I was just on a Camaro forum as someone mentioned the NRS pads but then it went silent. The pads are made in Canada, so I like that, but I can't find one real user review...