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  1. LittleGiant

    U-joint or ball joint noise. How do you know?

    Turns out it IS the steering shaft. Fairly certain it's the upper but I'm going to replace both just to be sure. Thoughts on brands?
  2. LittleGiant

    U-joint or ball joint noise. How do you know?

    It was, but turns out its the steering shaft.
  3. LittleGiant

    Steering shaft brand recommendations?

    Having the replace both upper and lower (intermediate) steering shafts. There are lot of brands out there. OEM Mopar is out of the question due to availability and cost. I was going to purchase Borgeson, but I'm reading they don't bolt on the same way as OEM. Thoughts?
  4. LittleGiant

    U-joint or ball joint noise. How do you know?

    Stupid question...Needle bearing is located where?
  5. LittleGiant

    U-joint or ball joint noise. How do you know?

    I’ve read before about greasing the steering shaft. A needle into the boot. I didn’t know it had a boot! After a closer look it seems like the knob is coming from the steering box where th shaft enters it. Make me think I should replace the shaft and/or the gearbox
  6. LittleGiant

    U-joint or ball joint noise. How do you know?

    Silly question, why would that make it go away? Also, if it does, then what?
  7. LittleGiant

    U-joint or ball joint noise. How do you know?

    Recently been chasing some clunks and changed a bunch of stuff. Tie rod ends Sway bar links Track bar Upper/lower ball joints U joints Wheel hubs Had a clunk/knock noise pop up quickly afterwards and it makes me wonder if I did something wrong. I am 100% certain the noise if from the front...
  8. LittleGiant

    Soft Top Replacement window

    The zipper is destroyed in my back window. I’ve called around and find anyone to replace it. It’s a quadratec soft top. They only sell the entire soft top minus the frame for $300. Mastertop is universal with them but they are out of stock. Any ideas?
  9. LittleGiant

    Popping / knocking noise (ball joints / tie-rod ends?)

    I’ve replaced all 3 tie rod ends and the track bar that has a joint at the end. Still have a popping creaking and cracking like crazy. I’ve jacked up the Jeep and don’t have any movement in the tires side to side or up and down but the ball joint “boot” is busted. My Jeep place told me I need...
  10. LittleGiant

    Moog or Detroit axle?

    I’m still attending to figure out this clunking I have. I think I made a boo-boo and put too much grease in my sway bar links when replacing them and blue the boot. I also had my Jeep place tell my my front ball joints are shot. I jacked up the Jeep and had no issues with the upper/lower on...
  11. LittleGiant

    Ball Joints: Teraflex vs. Spicer

    Well I need new ball joints. An alignment couldn’t really get it all together, plus a have very distinct popping with every movement. My local Jeep shop gave me a quote for parts and labor for $1K, but no way, I’m confident I can do it. They were going to use Teraflex ball joints. From my...
  12. LittleGiant

    Rubbing feeling in gas pedal at 60mph

    Recently I have felt a rubbing feeling coming from the gas pedal. I don’t feel it until I hit 60 and it’s more of a rotational feeling. It’s not a constant, it’s as if something is rotating and rubbing at a certain spot when it estates if that makes sense. I had it checked out and was told they...
  13. LittleGiant

    Clunk noise (not sway bar links)

    Recently replaced my sway bar links and the clunk went away. After about a week it’s back. I bought Moof so it’s highly doubtful they went bad. Any ideas on what else it could be? It’s hard to tell because I can’t look under there while driving.
  14. LittleGiant

    Crankshaft pulley

    I noticed a decent amount of vibration and rubbing/grinding at about 60 mph and up. Plus it idles rough all of a sudden. I checked and saw that the pulley-tensioner was flopping around like crazy. (Easy fix) then I noticed the crankshaft pulley was wobbling like crazy. I’m going to replace the...
  15. LittleGiant

    Not going into gear

    Just replaced my shift solenoid due to slipping in gears. For some reason now it won’t really even go into gear. It will only go into first gear but it just revs then pops in for a quick second and then I’m back out. Did I mess up the shift arm in the valve body when I put it back in? I have...
  16. LittleGiant

    Clunk while removing skid plate without supporting transmission

    I did something very stupid and hoping I didn’t cause damage. I removed the skip plate and didn’t have the transmission supported with a jack or jack stands. Then I heard a clunk and it dropped a few inches. I have it supported now, but wondering if some ting could have broke that I can see...
  17. LittleGiant

    Fuel injector gunk

    Changing the fuel injectors and noticed a lot a black tar”ish” buildup. Any suggestions on how to clean that out without causing damage?
  18. LittleGiant

    VPS - Vehicle Speed Sensor?

    The vehicle speed is located on the transfer case? If so, is this just for transferring from 2WD to 4WD or does it assist with shifting as well? How do I know what to buy? I’m told that it determines what set of numbers you have on your transfer case.
  19. LittleGiant

    Where to buy valve body?

    Due to slipping and trying everything know, I’m going to replace the valve body. Any suggestions on where to get one? I would like to get one that has everything with it. - shift solenoid, etc. Thoughts?