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  1. CharlesHS

    Fuel Injectors Diagnosis

    0201 and 0204 are injector circuits 1 & 4
  2. CharlesHS

    Fuel Injectors Diagnosis

    At the very least it is time to get rid of the Chinese knock off injector and replace it with the correct pressure and flow rating. See above for recommended replacements.
  3. CharlesHS

    Fuel Injectors Diagnosis

    The 04854181 can be purchased on Amazon for $125 and they are advertised as Mopar OEM. The odd ball injector 01G051B is a Chinese knock off from a company named Gangle...
  4. CharlesHS

    Issues with Passenger Side Marker Signal Light

    Attached is the headlight wiring for your year TJ to assist you in troubleshooting. There is another page 8W-50-3 from the Factory Service Manual that can be downloaded from the TJ Resources section on this forum.
  5. CharlesHS

    Fuel Injectors Diagnosis

    They have definitely seen better days. Have you observed any names or numbers on them ? The factory PN is 53030778, but I am sure that part number has been superseded. Extreme Terrain has replacement OEM fuel injectors for 97-02 for $115 ea...
  6. CharlesHS

    Info on t cases interchange

    There are numerous Forum members parting out Jeeps in the Jeep Wrangler TJ Classifieds Parts For Sale section on the forum. I would imagine there would be a transfercase available in one of those vehicles.
  7. CharlesHS

    2003 rubicon rough idle

    Did you add fuel within the last day or so ? You may have purchased some fuel that has some water content... IF so.... you will probably see the problem reoccur... You can purchase a fuel additive at the local AP store that will remove the water that is in the fuel.
  8. CharlesHS

    Rear main seal or valve cover leak? Your opinions on cost of repair.

    In the pictures the Jeep appears to be in nice condition in the pictures and the 76K on the odometer is certainly a selling factor, but the oil leak underneath is a concern. Repairing of the valve cover gasket can be performed by you for $40 and a ratchet with a 12mm socket. The oil pan and...
  9. CharlesHS

    Will a 07 JK NP241 fit in a TJ?

    The transfercase will have a round New Venture Gear medallion attached with a screw identifying the ratio of either 2.72 or 4.1. The Rubicon transfercase is identified as NP241OR.
  10. CharlesHS

    Idler Pulley Bounce and Dimming Lights

    While you had the tensioner removed did you test spin the Idler Pulley above ? IF not... You need to check the bearing in the Idler Pulley to ensure it spins freely and smoothly. I have not observed a tensioner bouncing like that so something is intermittently binding.
  11. CharlesHS

    Issues with Passenger Side Marker Signal Light

    IF you are comfortable using a Volt Ohm meter; I would start by testing the voltages going to both side markers to compare voltages when there is power going to the light bulb sockets. The boxes that are mounted to the inside of the fenders are what remains of the previously installed lighting...
  12. CharlesHS

    I think I may have found my death wobble problem!

    You state you were driving 60 mph on a 4 lane interstate, but exactly did you do when the DW started ? Accelerating, changing lanes, steering correction, light braking ? Tire balance, steering tie rod ends and trac bar bushing/TRE are the most common problems, but the condition of the control...
  13. CharlesHS

    OEM Cruise Control Installation

    I believe the part you are offering should be listed in the Jeep Wrangler TJ Classifieds Parts For Sale section on this forum. @Chris
  14. CharlesHS

    The Multifunction Switch Blues

    When my instrument cluster lights and headlights starting having problems I disconnected the wiring harness(s), removed the MFS module and sprayed DeoxIT D5 electrical contact cleaner in the module and cycled the actuation arm and knob multiple times to clean the internal contacts. Waited...
  15. CharlesHS

    ECU affecting Instrument cluster?

    While tracing the wiring; did you inspect the wiring harness from the PCM to the sensors and instrument cluster ? There is a known problem where the wiring harness rubs against the threaded head stud (right rear corner) causing the split wire loom and wiring insulation to wear thru exposing the...
  16. CharlesHS

    Jeep randomly dies

    I would suggest you contact Mark at @Wranglerfix is the forums resident ECU expert who has assisted many forum members with resolving ECU problems.
  17. CharlesHS

    Creaky clutch

    I would look under the dash board and inspect the actuating rod that is attached to the clutch pedal where the actuating rod goes into the clutch master cylinder looking for hydraulic fluid weeping. Remove the cap on the clutch master cylinder and check the fluid level and what is the condition...
  18. CharlesHS

    A/C blower not working

    This should assist you in troubleshooting your electrical problem.
  19. CharlesHS

    Is this a TJ plow mount or flat tow connector?

    A four cylinder with a snow plow.... Walk away quickly...
  20. CharlesHS

    Sluggish Acceleration

    There may be an intermittent problem with a valve generally heard thru the exhaust as a popping sound. I would still perform a compression and leak down test using the test manifold you posted above. That will either rule out or verify there is a problem with the valves or rings.