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  1. JoseA

    2004 LJ In Flux

    For the looks and protection from abrasion is good idea. Interesting fact about anodize is that it will hurt the part if it was repeatedly stressed (lots of cycles) as anodized finish helps the propagation of fatigue induced cracks. Likely in this application it won't matter.
  2. JoseA

    Savvy off-road sold? (the unofficial Savvy customer support and Savvy rant thread)

    he actually got back to me. Said he is planning on bringing them back once he gets a welder trained. Who knows when that will be but there's hope haha
  3. JoseA

    Savvy off-road sold? (the unofficial Savvy customer support and Savvy rant thread)

    Does anyone here know if the gas tank skid is ever coming back?
  4. JoseA

    Windrock Trail Recommendations

    Trip went great. Did several trails including 26, 51, 22, 2. It was raining when I did 22 which made it a little more challenging but fun.
  5. JoseA

    Windrock Trail Recommendations

    Anyone familiar with the park, I'd like to get some recommendations on what trails to hit. I'm going there March 22 with a JL on 35s (my TJ on 33s) both have lockers.
  6. JoseA

    SOLD Powertrax No slip for Dana 30

    New in Box $305 + tax new. Selling for $280 shipped in the US. My loss is your gain. I prefer to sell it to someone in the TJ group. Venmo or Paypal.
  7. JoseA

    Which skid to upgrade?

    Wanting to get a new skid if Barnes has a black Friday deal. Wanting to get some input on which skid to upgrade. Should I get a new trans skid or gas tank skid? (currently running stock on both). Which one is more bang for buck?
  8. JoseA

    Barne's Gas Tank Skid - Reviews?

    Anyone here running a Barnes Gas Tank skid? I'm thinking about getting one later this year because of the attractive price point and USA made. Anyone here have any feedback on it? any fitment issues?
  9. JoseA

    UCF engine skid on OEM transfer skid

    Has anyone here mounted a UCF Engine skid to the OEM transfer skid? Any special mods required? Any tips for the install? I just ordered the aluminum engine skid from UCF and plan on using it with the OEM transfer skid for a while. Till I save up for an aftermarket transfer skid.
  10. JoseA

    Aluminum winch plate coating advice

    Getting an aluminum winch plate from UCF in the next few days. Do you guys think I should leave it unfinished, paint it, or get it anodized?
  11. JoseA

    UCF has 15% off today

    promo code is on the home page
  12. JoseA

    TJ hardtop
  13. JoseA

    Purchasing advice: Warn 9.5ti

    Winch noob here. Just wanted to ask for this forum's advice on this used winch I saw on facebook. Thoughts on price/condition appreciated. Should I just save up for a new M8000 instead?
  14. JoseA

    Missouri ARB track bar relocation bracket

    Brand new. Never installed
  15. JoseA

    Rear trackbar: JKS trackbar or relocation bracket?

    Help me decide on my 2 options: I have about 2.5 inches of lift installed by PO. Rear trackbar is stock and bushings look worn out. I don't have a SYE. 1- ARB relocation bracket (I already have it) and a new MOOG DS1461 trackbar: about $80 cost. 2- JKS rear adjustable trackbar OGS151 and no...
  16. JoseA

    Savvy arms

    not affiliated with the seller. I ran across it on a Facebook group $650 for a full set of savvy arms
  17. JoseA

    CORE4x4 20% discount

    core4x4 is running 20% off on all purchases as of 6/17/22
  18. JoseA

    JKS products on sale at Quadratec

    for example, front adjustable track bar for $182
  19. JoseA

    MML or transfer case drop?

    Good to hear! I got a Savvy BL and a RC MML (solid block style) ready to be put on with hopes of reducing the 1"+ TCASE drop I have right now. Goal would be to get rid of the drop entirely but I have a set of washers ready in case I need to adjust. Hoping I don't run into issues with the manual...