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  1. RobertJ

    Bit of a confession

    Driving on the road in my stock TJ puts a smile on my face every time whether the Jeep topless or not.
  2. RobertJ

    Need advice on fixing this paint

    Are you using a spray can? If so, I'd suggest a spray gun. Otherwise, the above suggestions are great.
  3. RobertJ

    Hello from Northern Virginia!

    Welcome from Herndon!
  4. RobertJ

    New 97 TJ owner

    Congrats! With a Jersey Jeep, I hope you checked out the frame inside and out very carefully. Lots of great folks and information here. The search function can keep you busy for a long time. Best of luck with it.
  5. RobertJ

    Do you drain your compressor after every use?

    Depends on how often I'm using it, but at least once a day. A ton of water comes out of it that can't be good sitting in the tank.
  6. RobertJ

    Paint sprayer

    I'd use that to paint a fence or deck and not much more. You'd be better off using spray cans. Siphon Feed Spray Guns are fine, but need a ton of air to paint an entire car. Unless you have something that plugs into 220v, you probably don't have enough compressor.
  7. RobertJ

    $18000 Cherokee

    Ad is already down.
  8. RobertJ

    JL owners are so stupid

    My first TJ '97 I special ordered with half doors and hated them. Every TJ I've had since that one has had full doors. Zipping the window down to reach out of the window (for whatever) was way too much hassle for me.
  9. RobertJ

    What other cool vehicles have you owned?

    While I was stationed in Germany in the early 80s I owned this 1.3 liter beast. (looked a lot faster than it was) I doubt too many if any here have owned this auto.
  10. RobertJ

    Do you still have / enjoy any childhood toys?

    I have four of them now plus a C128. My vintage computer room is pretty cool. I also have a 486 and low end Pentium to play vintage IBM games.
  11. RobertJ

    Blaine's an asshole (safe space)

    I stopped working on my step-daughter's vehicles when everything that went wrong after I fixed a problem had to be due to that fact that I worked on it even though the new issues had nothing to do with the old. It sucks that people can be like that.
  12. RobertJ

    Do you still have / enjoy any childhood toys?

    Still really into Commodore 64 computers. The room has grown quite a bit since I took this picture:
  13. RobertJ

    Spark plug removal on TJ 97

    It's a PITA for sure, but with a combination of a universal joint and an extension(s) for your ratchet it's doable. It's bad placement of the compressor, but it is what it is.
  14. RobertJ

    Blaine's an asshole (safe space)

    We can agree to disagree.
  15. RobertJ

    Blaine's an asshole (safe space)

    He is a complete ass which is why I put him on my ignore list a long time ago. The forum has been a better place for me since then. I never learned a thing from him, other than I should buy his brakes.
  16. RobertJ

    Opinions: too much rust?

    You really don't know the condition of the frame if you don't run a scope through the inside. It does appear that it's mostly surface rust. One thing I'll mention though, is you're going to need new control arms and/or bushings as it appears they are pretty dry rotted.
  17. RobertJ

    Motortrend's take on Bronco vs Jeep

    Right! Try less than 30 lbs. on my RAM. LOL
  18. RobertJ

    Rebuild from salvage TJ 2004 Sport

    Nice job bringing her back to life!
  19. RobertJ

    Lukewarm heat on 97 TJ

    You should definitely flush the cooling system regardless. 4.0s are notorious for being a gunked up mess. This stuff is gold for a neglected cooling system: Thermocure Coolant System Rust Remover
  20. RobertJ

    Do I need to fill the oil filter with oil first before installation?

    It doesn't matter how they are mounted, fill it and let it settle into the filter element. You can turn it upside down and barely lose any oil after it's soaked in. It gives the filter a head start and is better than putting one on dry.