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    Tailgate bar came loose

    Oh my God I feel so dumb. Was rotating the tailgate bar too far around, got the seal back on. Didn't know where it went because one of the side seals was covering some of the spot. Thanks everyone!
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    Tailgate bar came loose

    The rubber seal? I know how it goes on, I just don't have a good reference picture to get the round bit the right way around.
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    Tailgate bar came loose

    They're both the same thing, I don't know how it goes on. The top is a smittybilt, rear lift gate window picture attached.
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    Tailgate bar came loose

    Hey yall! Been a minute. Stull wrenching on the '98. Found my tailgate bar, and was just wondering in how the seal goes on it, as it came off. Probably going to need a new one and new brackets, but it'll do for the time being. Just need to know how it goes on. Pictures attached. Thanks!
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    Input shaft not aligning to pilot bearing

    Hey, guys, my input shaft isn't going into the pilot bearing on my '98. 4.0, 5-speed, clutch is lined up it's just that the input shaft will not line up to the bearing. I used the clutch alignment tool, splines are on the transmission shaft. Pictured below is how much I have left to go before...
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    Hydraulic cylinder attached to steering, I don't think its hydro assist?

    Hey, everyone. I've got what's essentially a stock TJ here and it has this cylinder attached to the steering. These are pictures taken from the modded one I bought, swapping engines and lift and all due to bad frame. They both have this, and I don't think it's hydro assist, because it looks...
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    Swapping a lift from a rotted out TJ

    Hey everyone! I've got a TJ that I'm tearing into quite a bit here at home to get the good parts out of, as it's going to scrap, and have the fenders, hood, and pretty much everything in the engine bay taken out. Working on removing the engine. I looked at the springs on the TJ I'm buying to...
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    Engine swap '98 Sport to '99 Sport?

    Hey everyone! I just picked up a '98, I6 5spd, and it turned out to have a pretty screwed frame. I was wondering, if I were to buy a '99, found one for cheap with a blown motor, would the engine just bolt right up and plug in? Both have the same engine and transmission, was just checking to make...
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    Regearing and lift for 31s?

    I'm getting a TJ here before too much longer, and plan for offroading. I don't know what all it has in/on it right now, I think it has stock suspension and gears. If I get 31s for it for offroading and daily use, should I lift it, and how far? And what should I regear to? I don't want to lift...
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    Beginning my Jeep Journey

    Hey, I'm new here, but I've always been a Jeep guy. I'm looking at a 1998 TJ and I'm just coming here to ask if there's anything to look out for on that specific model? Sport, 5-speed manual, 4wd, soft top. I checked shock mounts, suspension, and frame. Engine in it is the 4.0, it's really...