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  1. 4.0 01 TJ

    Are JKs more capable than TJs?

    4.0s are pretty easy to kick the power up on in small increments. Ground clearance and bigger tires there's only thousands of products out there for?? And what are you wanting to haul that weighs more than 3500lb with a jeep? Seems like plenty enough...
  2. 4.0 01 TJ

    4.0 build help

    Looking to build the piss out of a 2001 4.0 for my TJ. 4.6 stroker kit planned, and turbo. What is available for tuning? I just rebuilt an engine for it but the block was too far gone (scored cylinders) so I am getting a junkyard one (2000 year) and going to bore and stroke it for sure. 0331...