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  1. WV Wanderer

    Utah Team America (World Police)

    Which parking lot do you want to meet at for Fins and Hells today?
  2. WV Wanderer

    Utah Team America (World Police)

    I'm going to skip out on today due to rain and the number of miles o hiked yesterday. I am thinking of joining the alternate group for Thursday. I've been assured that the new noises my jeep has shouldn't stop me from hitting trails.
  3. WV Wanderer

    Carnage Thread

    You and your jeep have been awesome. I loved seeing what your Safari can do. Sorry about the hard top damage, but at least you'll have the memories. *not as uplifting as I'd hoped, but now you have a jeep with a story.
  4. WV Wanderer

    Official TJ Fest 2021 picture thread

    Team America at Fins and Things.
  5. WV Wanderer

    Utah Team America (World Police)

    Please add me to Sunday the 25th and Tuesday 27th. I might show up other days, but I'm trying to squeeze in hiking & kayaking too so I'm waitto see the how the weather cooperates.
  6. WV Wanderer

    Jeep names: What are your names and how did you decide?

    Tin Can. Kind of self explanatory 😁
  7. WV Wanderer

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I took the jeep to run errands today and ended up with a radiator leak. So tonight I ordered parts and watched videos on how to remove and install them 😁
  8. WV Wanderer

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Yes, it's 15". I'm happy with the light, but I wish the plug worked for the tj like it does the jk. Took longer to install than ot should have. I just got the wheels & tires this spring. Debated getting 16's because the tires were cheaper, but stuck with 15's.
  9. WV Wanderer

    TJ Fest Moab 2021 Overlanding vs Hoteling

    Just wanted to add that you can also get showers at truck stops if there isn't a PF nearby. You pay for a private bathroom that is sanitized between patrons, shower shoes recommended though.
  10. WV Wanderer

    Virginia TJ Fest 2021 East Coast Caravan to Moab, Utah

    Might as well add me to the map. I'll probably be able to have 10 days, so I can caravan on the way there. I will be trailering the TJ though, that would be a long 25 hours to watch every one drive past me. I'll probably be leaving from WV 25286 (maybe MD 21742, depending). We can drive 12 hours...
  11. WV Wanderer

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Installed 3rd brake light, touched up the paint on fender flares and rails. Looks good from 40 feet with one eye closed.
  12. WV Wanderer

    Fenders: Show me what you got

    I'd love to have highline fenders, but in WV you have to have your wheels covered to get an inspection sticker. For now I have stock fenders and no sticker. I like a more streamlined look with a wide stance. Do you want better clearance? A certain look? Does price matter?
  13. WV Wanderer

    I want to buy this Jeep but I need your help

    Tbh, it seems like your finances are a little too tight to be buying a 17 year old Jeep. By stating that you are "giving an arm and leg to buy it" just emphasizes the point that you can't afford it. Honestly, buy a more affordable car and save up for a worthy jeep. It's a jeep. They are fun...
  14. WV Wanderer

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I replaced my rusty door handles today. And while they were off I thought I should take care of some small rust spots, which meant a trip to Lowe's. And then I figured I would paint the whole door while I had them off. Then my neighbor decided to cut the grass while they were drying... Anyway...
  15. WV Wanderer

    Jeep names: What are your names and how did you decide?

    Mine is Tin Can, because she looks like she's been kicked down the road a few times and should probably be recycled.