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  1. DrDmoney

    Seems a little high for a Dana 44

    At first glance I thought it was just the axle.
  2. DrDmoney

    05 Rubihara #927

    A little pricey but…
  3. DrDmoney

    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    🙌 FTW 🙌
  4. DrDmoney

    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    I havent seen any mention of the Rubicon but we have been chatting about Dusy Ershim Trail.
  5. DrDmoney

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    I bought two line locks a month ago for something similar.
  6. DrDmoney

    Rear disc brake conversion question(s)

    Not sure, but it’s odd that isn’t dimensioned. I can vouch for this as well, I broke an anchor lug by not releasing the brake while in 4 low.
  7. DrDmoney

    Next best to Savvy bumper?

    Ahhh India in 1992…remember it well, I built a float glass plant in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. It was as they say “ The very first cold roll form clad building in all of India “
  8. DrDmoney

    04’ JMT’s Twin Teenagers Build

    Well if you can stop the rust from progressing , tub corners and sliders cover those areas and fenders can be dealt with many ways, in fact I have seen more complete fenders on CL than half doors. = .02
  9. DrDmoney

    Rear disc brake conversion question(s)

    Sounds like a winner then, so next time I break an anchor lug off again (I welded the last one back on successfully) I'm a buyer.
  10. DrDmoney

    Rear disc brake conversion question(s)

    If I didn’t already have a conversion I would be a buyer, no dust shield wouldn’t phase my decision, but an integrated caliper E-brake would be a deal brake-r. I know a guy that has that conversion (Leed I think) and lots of adjustment issues came with it.
  11. DrDmoney

    Rear disc brake conversion question(s)

    Caliper E-brake?
  12. DrDmoney

    Currie Currectlync Sway Bar Clearance

    Step 1 - Hold my beer. Step 2 - Find a berm to jump with a hard right turn in the “LZ”. Step 3 - Buckle seatbelt. Step 4 - Get a good run at the berm. Step 5 - Crank the wheel hard right when you feel T6 mesh with T12. Step 6 - Accept outcome while finishing beer waiting for ambulance. Edit...
  13. DrDmoney

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Creedence “ Born on the Bayou “ intro starts… Much thanks for your service.
  14. DrDmoney

    "Pacing myself" build

    5 - 6 years old
  15. DrDmoney

    Metal cutting tools: what's really the best option?

    Think harder material
  16. DrDmoney

    "Pacing myself" build

    As you can see it’s the same radio as mine
  17. DrDmoney

    "Pacing myself" build

    Yeah mine will do a lot more than advertised...once I finally figure it out. I finally got a manual for it, Midland sells the same radio but I need to get a DTMF mic for it though.
  18. DrDmoney

    "Pacing myself" build

    That looks a lot like my dual band radio.