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  1. mots

    SOLD 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition: Silver, 6-speed, Dana 44, Straight-6, Great Condition

    Hi Chris/All, I recently put my 05 RME TJ up for sale on Autotrader and wanted to announce here if anyone is interested. I really don't want to see it go, but I only drive it 1-2k miles per year and need the garage space. Price is firm for now, but could drop over time depending on interest...
  2. mots

    Jonny's 2003 RME Build

    Nice work, looking good! I still love my AR172's in Satin Black, no regrets...such great value and they still look like new.
  3. mots

    Mot's 2005 "X" Rocky Mountain Edition OEM+ Build

    Haha, thanks. It's been fun catching up on the threads I missed and seeing what is new in the TJ World.
  4. mots

    Mot's 2005 "X" Rocky Mountain Edition OEM+ Build

    @Chris Ok, found the new thread. It's another Khaki TJR (y)
  5. mots

    Mot's 2005 "X" Rocky Mountain Edition OEM+ Build

    Been away for a while, thanks to all the joy 2020 brought us. Doing OK here, but others in the family were not so lucky. On a good note, I still have the Silver RME TJ and she has been running great (knocks on wood). Nothing has been needed or done since I did the RMS in Jan 2020. Just...
  6. mots

    What is the OPDA and do I need to change mine?

    Hi Tom, I haven't been around in a while and just saw this post after someone PM'ed me about something else. I will answer the best I can. Below is another post where I describe it. I don't have any pics, but It is essentially a VERY thin aluminum foil shim (washer shaped like an O with...
  7. mots

    Greetings from Canton, OH

    Welcome! I’m partial to that color as well (y)
  8. mots

    2021 Ford Bronco has officially leaked

    I like the 4 door, but not the 2 door as some have said. The Grille and headlights are a bit over the top, but I'd still be OK with it in the overall package. If I'm pushing 50 and saying this, then I'm guessing the younger crowd might like them better than I do. I would have much rather it...
  9. mots

    Front Diff Is Toast 😔

    Sorry to hear this, maybe a problem that could be covered or partially covered by warranty of the installer? How many miles since the install?
  10. mots

    Miles per gallon?

    2005, 6 speed, 108k, stock 4.0L, 32 inch tires, 3.73 gears, new exhaust (3 cats, 4 O2 sensors, no CEL’s ever), new fuel pump, new spark plugs. With 90% City\10% Highway, I consistently get between 14.5-15mpg. Pretty much exactly what the Moroney sticker says and what predicts...
  11. mots

    Tools Explained

    This is gold. Thanks for sharing.
  12. mots

    Lost Socket—What Would You Do?

    I dropped and lost a nut one time when working on a car. Couldn't find it for my life. When I was done, I backed out of of the garage, slammed on the brakes, and got out and looked. There it was laying on the driveway. Worth a try, once you are brave enough to start her up.!
  13. mots

    Cylinder 6 piston failed

    Cool, good luck with the repairs. I didn't know about the 0331 head issue either until I got bit by the TJ bug, and of course the venerable 4.0L that comes with it. I am also fond of the XJ's and was disappointed to learn this of the 2000-2001 years when I was eyeing up a 2001 near me that was...
  14. mots

    Yo bro, check out that stance!

    "OVER $45,000.00 IN UPGRADGES ! $90K+ INVESTED !" Every time I see numbers touted like this, my first thought is "There had better be a V8 or at least a supercharger if they spent that much, otherwise it is complete fail." Nope, this one does have a custom intake though! If they had put a HEMI...
  15. mots

    Cylinder 6 piston failed

    Nice, that one is perfect, even better than the cap picture I linked. Glad you got a TUPY! Let’s hope the OP has a TUPY too! (Not be be confused with toupee, LOL).
  16. mots

    Cylinder 6 piston failed

    Just a word of caution in case you didn't already know. The original 0331 cylinder head on the 2000-2001 Cherokee 4.0L's were known to have the same weak spot the Wranglers shared for a year or two around that same time period. The newer 0331 TUPY head (TUPY was stamped between cylinders 3 and...
  17. mots

    The long crank mystery

    If starter is turning the motor over strong and battery and starter are eliminated, then a couple things come to mind. 1) electrical issue related to fuel delivery, perhaps fuel pump relay etc, acts up when hot only. You should notice the drop in fuel pressure when cranking when it is acting up...
  18. mots

    Updating (backdating?) the TJ grille

    Great stuff, thanks for showing\sharing some of your secrets on how this type of stuff can be done.
  19. mots

    Building a diesel powered RHD TJ Wrangler (Picture Heavy)

    Nice work Grant. What a feeling that must be, bet you wish you could bottle some of that up. Bolting up a Kubota diesel on a TJ, it's one hell of a drug!
  20. mots

    Swapping axles and value of car

    If it's a Dana 35 upgraded to a Dana 44 in the rear along with that gear ratio upgrade, then that can add some value for your Jeep, say $1k or so. However, if it just a Dana 35 for a Dana 35 with the gear ratio upgrade (or a Dana 44 to Dana 44), then not nearly as substantial as a Dana 44 upgrade.