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  1. Brannon

    Best Radiator for a TJ?

    My platics top cracked on my 1997 TJ. I replaced it with a Radiator Barn $120.00 all metal radiator in 2008 and it has been going strong for 15+ years.
  2. Brannon

    Should I buy this TJ Rubicon?

    I am currently building my 97 Sport, Ax-15, dana 30 / ultimate dana 35c with 4.56 gears . I found a TJ Rubicon should I buy it for the drive train?
  3. Brannon

    Horseshoe Intake Manifold and 1997 Power Steering

    My jeep is a 1997 4.0l sport 5spd, without air conditioning, and without cruise control. I have a ported head and port matched horseshoe style intake manifold (used on 1999 to 2003) that I am installing on my stroker. The original intake has 3 holes for mounting the power steering pump and the...
  4. Brannon

    Aftermarket Front Seat Options

    I am looking for front driver's seat replacement. I want it to: 1. Have all the functionality of the OEM. 2. Use the OEM bracket. Can someone help me with the options available?
  5. Brannon

    Add Adjustable Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms to Fabtech Brackets?

    I have a FebTech 6" long arm lift. This kit has fix length control arms, all 8 of them. The pinion is set properly so I don't need to rotate the axle. My objective is to stretch the rear as far as possible and still keep the tires under the body. I will keep 35" tires and may add a truss to...
  6. Brannon

    Should I choose the standard motor mount or the 1" motor mount lift?

    I don't have a body lift but I have a 6.5" Long Arm. The log arms connect to the T-Case Skid Drop bracket and I don't want to change how the arms attach so I will not be doing a tummy tuck or similar to raise the T-Case skid plate. Should I choose the standard Motor Mount or the 1" Motor Mount...
  7. Brannon

    Flywheel Resurfacing?

    My engine is out and heading to the machine shop tomorrow. My mechanic wants to send them my fly wheel to be resurfaced. I felt it and and there was no noticeable ware, scoring, or corrosion. The fly wheel has abou 95,000 miles on it and two clutch replacements. I thought I read that...
  8. Brannon

    Help choosing ring and pinion ratio

    Current - 1997 4.0l, AX-15, 4.56, 35" tires 5th gear - 77mph when road is flat, with no headwind. 4th gear - 80mph with 0.5% grade anything more and 87mph is topped out. When it the jeep was less than a year old and unmodified no issues with speed. I think I got up to 97mph (forgive me I was...
  9. Brannon

    Switching to a 4WD cable

    Thank you. I got ahead of this chat and already ordered the shifter and paid shipping. I did email Savvy to request a partial refund based on this coupon code.
  10. Brannon

    Drive Shaft Rubs on Transfer Case Skid

    I appreciate everyones response and thank you for taking the time to read and reply. Money not a major concern. I just want to know what caused this rubbing when it didn't rub before? I really don't see the phylsophy of it is there is a problem just cut it off? How about have it put back...
  11. Brannon

    Drive Shaft Rubs on Transfer Case Skid

    The long arm was installed 7 years prior to this problem. I had a 4WheelParts location replace all the joints test at full articulation and nothing is rubbing. There are were never spacers between the skid and the frame/Fabtech lowering kit. Maybe the spacer, if there was one, between the skid...
  12. Brannon

    Switching to a 4WD cable

    I am looking for the Savvy Transfer Case Cable Shifter Kit for the NP231. The only place I can find it is on the and they charge shipping. I try to save as much as possible especially since I am on a fixed income.
  13. Brannon

    Drive Shaft Rubs on Transfer Case Skid

    About 6 months after I had my AX-15 rebuilt and mount replaced, a number of syncros were bad, my front driveshaft started rubbing on the transfer case skid plate. This didn't happen when driving in a straight line but when turning. I was able to put some spacers between the skid the frame to...
  14. Brannon

    1997 Fuel Tank Cracked

    My tank has been leaking or over a decade when topped off. I think that it is leaking from the plastic nut or the that part of tank that holds the fuel pump in place. if I trickle in the gas the filler hose never over fills and the fuel just drips from the bottom. I am not able to drop the...
  15. Brannon

    Anyone take advantage of Rancho’s 90-day risk free offer?

    You would need a blue or green fist to not be racist.
  16. Brannon

    Front License plate?

    Are those Maglite clips for the C or D cell?
  17. Brannon

    Front bumper bolt size?

    Thanks for the info. Do you know the length? Yes, they allow kayak camping but only with a permit. The permit is to limit the impact to the area and to help with enforcement of squatters. Permits often have a long waitlist so if you are thinking about taking that adventure book FARRRRRR in advance.
  18. Brannon

    Front bumper bolt size?

    Jerry- I like your hat my wife is from Kauai and the Na Pali Coast is magnificent. We will be heading there for a few weeks but not on vacation. The in-laws need my help around the house. I have stripped out the head of two of the bolts already so I stopped removing the old bumper. The new...