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  1. dangjalopy

    Diesel sound at 2500 rpm

    Thanks Chris.
  2. dangjalopy

    Diesel sound at 2500 rpm

    2000 4.0L when going up through the gears somewhere around 2000 to 3000 rpms it has this diesel sound. I tried to record it but my Monster muffler is too loud. Does anybody have any idea? Thanks.
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    Glad to join the family

    Pics or it never happened.
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    New girl from outside Nashville, TN

    Welcome to the forum. Pressure wash her then get her dirty.
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    Replacing CB Antenna

    SWR meters are fairly inexpensive. Ask the antenna seller for a good one and it will be around 30 or so
  6. dangjalopy

    What top is this?

    Look just under the top part near the curve in the back on both sides. There should be a tag there.
  7. dangjalopy

    2000 4.0 sputters to a stall

    Today was the first day I had the problem. I immediately broke out my OBDII reader and it had no codes. I was idling hot. Basicially just doing down the road at about 45mph. I slowed to a good speed and popped the clutch and it would light off but then sputter and come to a stop.
  8. dangjalopy

    2000 4.0 sputters to a stall

    2000 4.0L I was just driving down the street and it starts kind of sputtering out and then stalls. No warning or anything. No CEL either. I checked the codes anyway and nothing. I am not even sure where to start. I have a local guy who loves to work on Jeeps who can fix it but I would rather...
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    Is this CJ front end cover the "inspiration" for angry eyes?

    It looks like a YJ with CJ grill to me. It does have the side pipes though. Interesting.
  10. dangjalopy

    CB or VHF?

    That’s my favorite one. I got my GROL using the GROL site. It not only makes you memorize it but you actually learn the material.
  11. dangjalopy

    CB or VHF?
  12. dangjalopy

    Help with 2000 Wrangler 4.0 coolant issue

    I paid 1600 for mine to be replaced with new oil, gasket, filter, lifters, pistons, rings, bearings, and such. I had it planned out because I know these 0331 heads suck. make sure to check the cam, pistons, and timing chain. Sometimes a piston skirt will crack. We found a good head from junkyard...
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    Help with 2000 Wrangler 4.0 coolant issue

    After the engine has cooled, like overnight, take the oil cap off and look down in there and see if you see the color of your coolant in there seeping up. If so, it’s cracked. There used to be picture on the net of this crack because it’s so common but I can’t find it.
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    Dubai Desert Safari

    I did that dubai offroad tour in 2006 but no Jeeps. We had land cruisers.
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    Former Lurker, Newly Joined Member

    Pictures speak a thousand words. Welcome to the forum.
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    Public Service Announcement

    A truck ain't supposed to be pretty. It's supposed to be a work horse. But those grocery-getters are ugly as sin.
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    New to me 2006 TJ

    No kidding. My parents suck!
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    Long time Cherokee Owner, First Wrangler

    I don't think I have ever seen maroon Wrangler in the wild. Nice color.
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    What Jeep is this?

    I love that model actually. I have a Johnny Lightning convertible version. Can't find a real one. Or afford it if one did pop up locally.
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    Don’t you love it when Wranglers park next to you?

    I always park close to others so I can get glance at their upgrades for inspiration.