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  1. Tigger09

    License Plate Relocation Idea

    Here is the other center gate option from amazon. I expect it to last about 6 months before it starts rusting so I might find a light that works and pick up a Warrior Bracket.
  2. Tigger09

    License Plate Relocation Idea

    I like that idea better. The Dakota Digital stuff worked great on the door but I was still banging my head on the best way to do it on the tub. I didn't want to cut the tub to get the middle contact to fit.
  3. Tigger09

    License Plate Relocation Idea

    I love the clean look you have going.
  4. Tigger09

    License Plate Relocation Idea

    I'm thinking about deleting my spare and relocating the license plate and of course the license plate light wire is a minor issue. Here is the path I'm on so far to address it. My question, for anyone that has done this already, is there value in custom door jamb contacts to support the brake...
  5. Tigger09

    WTB: TJ frame

    Matt, What are you looking to get for the frame? I might be starting a budget salvage rebuild it might be a fit for. Jim
  6. Tigger09

    New engine wiring harness

    Check out the parts catalog in the resource section to find the part number and then see if you can find that same part number on eBay.
  7. Tigger09

    Axle swap: Is this a fair trade?

    Look at it this way, if you don’t take the deal what are you going to do with the old axles?
  8. Tigger09

    Still have an oil leak after replacing valve cover gasket oil pan gasket and rear main seal

    Any oil on the passenger side of the engine? Could the oil sending unit or Camshaft Position Sensor along with the fan/air look like oil on the bell housing?
  9. Tigger09

    Looking for another TJ: Any years to avoid automatic transmission and OPDA issues?

    I love my '02 but I've also passed on some really nice '05 projects that I wouldn't have now that there are easy fixes for the major risks. My $.02... go in to the purchase with the realization that you might have to drop a grand to get it where you want it and you'll be good with any year.
  10. Tigger09

    Raising the height of my TJ without a lift

    I started with Rancho 5000x shocks at $200 and a 2" budget boost at $50 to make the 31" tire the Jeep came with actually work. It's not a bad setup for $250 and you're in a good place to upgrade to a 2.5" lift with EMU springs if the bug ever hits you. I don't think anyone here would tell you...
  11. Tigger09

    Polk DB's on sale at Crutchfield

    The $58 on Cyber Monday or Amazon Day (don't remember which) was a good deal. $109 on Amazon seems high.
  12. Tigger09

    My radiator cracked. What's a good replacement?

    I was in the same boat. Didn't want to spend the money on Mopar parts so I didn't. The half as much new after market radiator only lasted a year. When it failed I happened to have a parts/project Jeep in the garage so in a pinch I threw that radiator in to my DD. Long story short... a 20...
  13. Tigger09

    Thinking of selling, but not sure how to price it?

    I know how you feel, its 20x harder than finding out it was my mom that was the serial killer and that my dad was the porn star.
  14. Tigger09

    Are broken shock bolts a big issue?

    I was able to cut the welded nut out with a dremel and replace the hardware by removing the fender liners. I spent more time worrying about them than I did fixing them after they snapped.
  15. Tigger09

    TJ's TJ

    Did you have to do anything to the panels (paint) or did they start out in good shape?
  16. Tigger09

    Brilliant Idea - Dome Light Mod

    I’ve always liked the idea of inserting a switch between fuse 4 and the block. When my kids start driving my Jeep I think I’ll add that mod so they aren’t getting in dark jeeps at night.
  17. Tigger09

    Where's this oil coming from and how bad is it

    I think most of the common leaking points have been covered. (pan, valve cover, rear main seal) The other one is the oil sending unit but that’s usually dripping down the passenger side of the block to the pan.
  18. Tigger09

    Cracked lower control arm mount

    I just did mine on a 44 out of the Jeep. If I knew it could be that cheap I might have had someone with more talent do it.
  19. Tigger09

    California Dana 30 front axle housing for sale

    If it's the axle you can just swap the axle. The axles in the photo should slide right out. If it's the control arm brackets you can buy those and have a 4x4 shop replace them.
  20. Tigger09

    Screaming Yellow Bonkers

    Awesome, I saw that the thermostat was missing but thought I read that your heat was still iffy. Glad to see the Jeep is coming together for you.