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  1. Hammbone2020

    Possible locker issue on 2005 TJ?

    Hey y'all, so to clarify my title, I don't mean I'm crawling stumps or rocks! Lol j/j! 😄 Anyhow, I've posted before about "strange issues" with my front end and specifically thinking it was the locker, and I thought all was resolved over the last year. I upgrade the tie rod, tie ride ends, drag...
  2. Hammbone2020

    Lunch box locker on a daily driver?

    Right I understand that, and appreciate your communication! Would any of this be related the the steering box? Blown Axle seal? Or bent (I think it is... ) tie rod?( I'm not 100 percent that is the name,still learning all this too, but its straight bar in front that connects to knuckle on driver...
  3. Hammbone2020

    Lunch box locker on a daily driver?

    I tried to clarify that. What I meant was, if I get on the throttle chripping the tires around a corner, it feels the the wheel gets tighter and the locker never seems to fully disengage after I do that ( A little road rage happens, I can't help it lol). It seems the only thing that helps is to...
  4. Hammbone2020

    Lunch box locker on a daily driver?

    What I meant by tires chirping, was I would get on it around a corner - not that they would involuntarily chirp when the locker wasn't fully engaged or disengaged. I hope that makes sense and clears up what I was saying :-) Thank you for your advise!
  5. Hammbone2020

    Lunch box locker on a daily driver?

    Thank you Wildman!! I genuinely appreciate you sharing that with me and I will go into this with much more confidence now. 😉😁
  6. Hammbone2020

    Diagnose steering wandering.

    Thank you for this!! Im doing a lot all on my own and this helps tremendously!!!!
  7. Hammbone2020

    Lunch box locker on a daily driver?

    So I know I'm a few years late, lol, But I just inherited an 0 5-T J no 5-T J from my father who unfortunately passed suddenly in February of 20. I was talked into getting a lunch Box locker on the front stock Dana 30 And mind you this is my daily and I only do moderate wheeling from time to...
  8. Hammbone2020

    Where does the air temperature sensor go on a 05 Rubicon?

    Good to know the hood was supposed to have a cutout! Mine does not have this and i got sick of the box, so I took it off and just did a prefilter over it... seems fine for the time being...but honestly this is good to know!