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  1. CodaMan

    I'm back y'all (my new Southern accent)

    After a long hiatus I'm back. Here's what's been going on... I moved from California after living in the state I was born and raised in for 60 years. Moved in the middle of a pandemic which had many challenges. My wife and I visited many states until we found the one we loved. Arkansas has...
  2. CodaMan

    Rear shocks bottom out over bumps

    Looks to me that your shocks only have a round 3" of down travel, so they are too long. Either get the appropriate length shocks or add some additional bump stop.
  3. CodaMan

    Looking for tips and advice on flat towing my TJ with an RV

    My jeep uses a SKIM (gray) Key. I had a non-SKIM made and use it. That way it can't be started.
  4. CodaMan

    Looking for tips and advice on flat towing my TJ with an RV

    and remember, transfer case in NEUTRAL, manual transmission in 2nd or 3rd and auto transmission in PARK.
  5. CodaMan

    Looking for tips and advice on flat towing my TJ with an RV

    There are only 3 states (KS, WY and ND) that don't require a supplemental braking system, so make sure you have one in your Jeep. If you are in an accident and don't have a braking system your insurance company probably won't pay out whether the accident was your fault or not.
  6. CodaMan

    Looking for any help with the dreaded misfire issue

    Is the PCM pulsing the injector like it should be? A NOID will test that. I also did a write-up on troubleshooting that problem.
  7. CodaMan

    Tire clearance and lift options

    There is no difference between a spring lift and a spacer lift when it come to shocks, they are both suspension lifts and require the same type of measuring and setup.
  8. CodaMan

    Tire clearance and lift options

    Just do a 1.25" body lift and you can use the same shocks.
  9. CodaMan

    New to me 2001 TJ

    Welcome and read here for date code info
  10. CodaMan

    Vibration after installing 2.5” lift

    It just goes to show that every Jeep is different. I've lifted both my Jeeps 2.5" (1 Rubicon, 1 Sahara) and never had any vibes. All control arms and driveshafts were stock.
  11. CodaMan

    Questions about 6 inch suspension lift on my 98 TJ

    I see a lot wrong here. First off, you have a TC drop with an SYE and a DC driveshaft. Second, you're missing a skid plate mounting bolt. Third, it looks like yo have stock rear upper control arms and fixed lowers, it's impossible to get your pinion angle right with that setup.
  12. CodaMan

    Suspension help on new to me TJ

    If it were mine I would start over because you have a mess there, no wonder it drives like crap. №1 would be the drop pitman. You can see that your drag link and track bar aren't even close to parallel. № 2 would be all the spring spacers. You don't mention what gearing you have. Is it...
  13. CodaMan

    I'm finally moving

    It's really a shame that people have to leave the place they've lived their entire life, but I look at it as California left me a long time ago.
  14. CodaMan

    I'm finally moving

    How do you know I'm not a redneck? hahaha
  15. CodaMan

    I'm finally moving

    I can understand, however no one know I'm not local except for the fact I don't say Y'all ... Yet! Prices really went up here too, but that was owners trying to get that money. We held out and got this one for under asking price.
  16. CodaMan

    I'm finally moving

    About 40 minutes
  17. CodaMan

    I'm finally moving

    Shhhhhh, my wife may see this LOL
  18. CodaMan

    I'm finally moving

  19. CodaMan

    I'm finally moving

    We have a winner (Arkansas)