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    SOLD 1997 TJ Sport Kalamazoo Michigan

    Condition: Pretty good. No fluid leaks. Starts and runs every time. No rust on the body. A couple of body mounts are rusted. The fenders have been spray painted. The paint has scratches. Everything that has needed repair during my ownership has been repaired. (except the windshield) OBO...
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    2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is just a Durango with a new bumper??!!??

    They are calling it a Jeep Grand Cherokee L.. is the L the model code? I bet aftermarket bumpers will be no problem!
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    Tired of the terrible ride, need some advice

    What year was the 4Runner? Pretty sure most newer SUV's are going to have a much better ride than a TJ... floating over the rough stuff implies some speed. ? 🤷‍♂️
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    How do I remove roll bar padding?

    Remove torx. Fold down windshield. I think it would just cut the padding.. Folding down a windshield can be risky. Not sure its worth it. Might not fold back...
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    Not sure I want this promotion

    37 years! Wow! I just want to mention what an incredible accomplishment that is. As a younger engineer, I try to utilize individuals with your type experience as much as I can. I hope they realize how valuable you are. You are facing an extremely difficult decision! A couple of thoughts...
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    WK 08 CRD Winter Time Diesel Questions

    Hi, I purchased a 08 CRD WK. I live in Michigan and I am trying to understand a diesel engine and winter. Thank you in advance. Sorry this is all over the place. Questions: Can you explain diesel fuel 'gelling'? I have heard that diesel 'gels' in cold temperatures. Does it gel in the...
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    This guy might have a good deal on some crack!

    No low ballers please!
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    Carvana should be banned from Craigslist

    This is ridiculous. Searing for 'jeep tj' brings up this garbage!
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    Pitman arm installation

    I misread.. :-) Good call.
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    Pitman arm installation

    I think an impact wrench helps to get it tight... but don't tell anyone on here you are using a drop pitman arm....
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    Compared our TJ forum to another venue

    I like the ease of use at this site. It's clean, easy to navigate. The 'New Posts' option is the best and allows me an idea of what is going on. I purchases a 2008WK and joined jeepforum and I struggle what the chaos that is that site. There is crap and links everywhere. People have been...
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    Which code reader should I buy?

    I was basing it of this post. And my scanners won’t work. Link Fixed Link (i think)
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    Which code reader should I buy?

    This is what I was going off of... (and my scanners don’t work)
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    Which code reader should I buy?

    Code readers don't work on a 1997
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    Cleaning the Chassis in Winter

    Take a paint scraper, and scrape it all off. Scrape as much rust and rubber as possible. Get all of that off and get the flaky rust off. Evaluate. Decide the future of this jeep. I use a product called corroseal (its like por15, but cheap). I put it in a 1/2 gallon pump sprayer. I spray it...
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    Cleaning the Chassis in Winter

    Drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the frame. I personally have a 1/2 hole in front of the rear control arm mount. I also have 1/2 holes in between the nutserts that hold the skid plate on. (and I have a 1" tcase drop spacers so there is room for water to get out) Then after every major...
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    What other Jeeps do you like besides Wranglers?

    This is my other Jeep. 3.0L CRD.
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    Transfer Case Play—Ticking Time Bomb?

    When you swap it... just be ready... some fluid will spill out of the transmission! You can tilt the transmission back up to help slow it down, or minimize fluid loss. My guess is the linkage will be the nasty part.
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    I use to like Marketplace

    I used to like Craigslist. Now carvana is flooding it with their crap.
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    Transfer Case Play—Ticking Time Bomb?

    You are not supposed to have radial play. I would guess that engaging 4wd may change a noise. I wonder if you can get the chain to slip by turning in a radius on pavement in 4 wheel drive. I got under my jeep and pushed as hard as I could and I didn't feel any play in my rear output shaft...