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    98 Brute
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    Shipper for wheels/tires

    Looking to find a shipping company that would pickup a set of wheels and tires and deliver to my address? Has anybody used somebody in the past or know of anybody that would be able to do this?
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    Congratulations to MagnumV8, the December 2021 Ride of the Month (ROTM)

    If you want to win a goodie bag you have to filter your photo..this is key.
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    95 Sahara

    BAT as a whole is not what it used to be.
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    95 Sahara @Fouledplugs
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    2005 LJ Rubicon with hardtop. 50k miles
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    Nevada One owner 2006 TJ Rubicon with 42k miles

    I’m assuming this is long gone.
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    AEV Highline Kit Installation Guide

    I doubt it
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    2005 LJR

    Oh wow. Where did I say a salvage title jeep cost a fortune? I’m rereading what I typed and for the life of me I can’t understand how you came to that conclusion. Cross sells quality jeeps…if you have the money they are for you…if you don’t then they arn’t.
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    2004 Black TJ rubicon
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    $38,000 TJ Brute

    Sucks that the rear driver side has rust bubbling in the seam.
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    2005 LJR

    So your aware they cost a fortune lol
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    2005 LJR

    Quality jeeps cost money
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    2005 LJR

    Cross jeep look them up
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    2005 LJR

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    2005 LJR

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    2005 Rubihara For Sale

    FB marketplace