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  1. 01TJ-Blues

    Minimal Tire Carrier Bumper

    I added 1.5” flat bar to mine then gussets to make sure it was stout. Enjoy the ribs!
  2. 01TJ-Blues

    Minimal Tire Carrier Bumper

    I was thinking slotting the holes that mount to the tailgate, much easier to do. I modified my stock carrier heavily to support the 35 on headlocks so I know the addition of flat at would work. It’s just how much effort you want to put into it. I do not personally like the spaced out spare...
  3. 01TJ-Blues

    Minimal Tire Carrier Bumper

    It sounds like you are barely off from clearing your bumper so why not simply oval your stock mount holes 1/4 inch and adjusting it up a hair? You could also take the stock mount to a fab shop and have them weld 1” flat bar to the bottom and top below where the existing holes are and...
  4. 01TJ-Blues

    Front Spring Retainers

    “All” as defined in two of you that are focused on the wrong part of the description?
  5. 01TJ-Blues

    Front Spring Retainers

    I already said that, the washboard is where it was noticed, which was probably due to the continuous repeated quick spring cycle.
  6. 01TJ-Blues

    Front Spring Retainers

    The Currie bump stops hold the springs in place, they may not “lock” them but they do prevent them from falling out in the event of an over extension. I also stated that my shocks prevent the springs from extending past unseating. The springs also have wear marks on the cut spring end where...
  7. 01TJ-Blues

    Front Spring Retainers

    Not arguing physics, I stated I was playing BEFORE the washboard and after, on the washboard was when the noise was apparent. Very well could have popped out somehow PRIOR to the washboard, which was stated in the original post.
  8. 01TJ-Blues

    Front Spring Retainers

    It was for sure in the spring stop, it hasn’t been an issue for 4 years. I was in some flexing before the washboard road but that’s when the racket began.
  9. 01TJ-Blues

    Front Spring Retainers

    Reviving this one. I have the Currie setup which uses the bump stop to lock the spring in place and also my shocks are appropriate for the droop. That said, I was out playing around and when I hit the washboard road after I had a clunk noise coming from the front. Got home, searched high and...
  10. 01TJ-Blues

    Replace Shift Selector Seal

    Freezing it did not work for me and after fighting it for hours, ruining two seals I decided a “special tool” was needed. I built this brace so that it holds center on the drain pan edges and carries the load of the c-clamp on the bolts. Dandy PVC nipple ground to fit the seal attached to a...
  11. 01TJ-Blues

    SOLD Genright Matrix Tail Lights

    Lightly used Genright Matrix tail lights with OE plugs installed. These are in good shape and have no issues. $185 shipped to the lower 48.
  12. 01TJ-Blues

    Yukon Hub Kit With Black Magic Big Brake Kit

    I’ve done some searching and cannot seem to find this easily but if one has the Black Magic Big Brake kit what is required to make the Yukon hub kit fit? I recall some had to have some machine work done but I can’t recall exactly what it was. Any help is appreciated.
  13. 01TJ-Blues

    Idaho Double Carden Front Driveshaft

    Double carden front driveshaft, rebuilt completely about 1,500 miles ago and has zero damage or issues. Has 1310 ujoints at the attachment points and in the carden. This is setup for a 4” lift on a TJ. Extended length is 39”, collapsed is 35 5/8”. Asking $175 buyer pays shipping. Only reason...
  14. 01TJ-Blues

    Dave Kishpaugh's (Jeep West) Geometry Correction Bracket Measurements

    Just thought these might come in handy to folks on the forum.
  15. 01TJ-Blues

    Texas FOX performance series 2.0 IFP shocks (2x) 5-6 lift.

    What is the collapsed eye to eye and the extended eye to eye?
  16. 01TJ-Blues

    SOLD Fox 2.0 Front Shocks for ~4" lift

    Valved is a term used in the motorcycle industry if suspension has been specifically valved/shimmed for a specific application/rider. It looks like he understands that term but next time I’ll be sure to ask if the shims have been arranged specifically for the Jeep TJ application or if they are a...
  17. 01TJ-Blues

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Lowered radiator shroud, it had about .25” clearance from when I did the MML and the 1.25 BL and for some reason just lately if I get flexed a little the fan would hit it. Lowered it .75” and it now has a bit more clearance so hopefully that’s resolved. Also modified my rear cargo area...
  18. 01TJ-Blues

    Modifications and advice for extreme cold

    Have you priced 33 or larger studded tires? $400 wouldn’t cover one of them. You can also take these studs back out and re-use them. I just put last years back in mine and it was a piece of cake and it works great on shitty roads again.
  19. 01TJ-Blues

    32RH problems

    you did the manual to auto swap…was this transmission new/rebuilt or used?