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    HP Tuners

    Have you written to this vehicle before? Also I would start by updating the VCM editor to the latest Beta and updating the interface. I have had issue having my laptop on a charger and I have also had issues with vehicles on a charger. Top off both and try it with out. Also good call on...
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    Can OEM MAP Sensors Measure Positive Pressure / Boost?

    This. The stock sensor only reads 1 bar or 14.7 psi (atmospheric pressure). To have the PCM see pressure greater than atmospheric (boost), you need a sensor capable of seeing up to 2 Bar and will need to adjust the signal voltage and table resolution as well.
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    Wideband O2 Sensors

    Another vote here for AEM. HPTuners also has a pre made channels for AEM widebands so it’s plug and play. I mounted it with a dual gauge mount on the A pillar.
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    Mothers Back to Black is amazing

    Absolutely true. Dressings are a quick fix for sprucing up for the local show at the mall 😁. When I did try Back to Black (on another vehicle of course) it was worse than the others in terms of longevity and application.
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    Mothers Back to Black is amazing

    One detailing product is meguiars hyper dressing. Buy it in a gallon and dilute it in a spray bottle to whatever gloss/ sheen you prefer. Works well on trims, inner wheel wells and textured plastics, undercarriage, etc… A more expensive product that I love is SC-1 silicone spray. High gloss...
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    Fuel gauge sporadic

    At the risk of suggesting a “mechanic in a can “ fix, GM once issued a TSB suggesting the use of Techron fuel cleaner to clean the build up of sulfur deposits from the sending units. I only mention this because in my first hand experience it did successfully fix a sticking/erratic fuel gauge in...
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    Looking for recommendations on 35 inch tires

    I have a few thousand miles on a set of 33” Baja boss ATs on my JK. They have a fairly aggressive tread for an AT and have very good road manners. For more casual wheeling they work great off road as well. . My last pair of mickeys on my TJ did get louder with time (even with frequent rotations)...
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    Does a cold air intake add power on a 4.0?

    If there’s a resulting lean A/F, the O2s are going to add to the STFT and correct to stoich immediately. Eventually the LTFT will learn or adjust based upon the amount of correction in the short term. I still feel the diminished gains over time is most likely a perceived condition or due to...
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    Does a cold air intake add power on a 4.0?

    If the intake is adding additional air, the pcm is going to take the IAT and the Map and calculate fueling based of the pre established VE table, then checking this calc with the O2s and trimming as required. At part throttle it’s always going to seek stoich (14.7ish). WOT ignores feedback O2s...
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    Turbo Kit Test TJ

    Jezza, if your taking a head count, please sign me up. A while back I was hemming and hawing between a SC and the Banks kit, all while battling my own NA tune issues. I hesitated and Banks discontinued the turbo. I’m not sold on the super chargers that are available so I shelved the idea...
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    Color matching advice?

    Agreed- looks like more sanding and possible reclear depending on how heavy you put it down and whats left. Tough to see with the silver color and hard to judge scale but the picture looks like heavy orange peel, almost approaching wrinkle paint. I take it the darker parts are the dull peaks...
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    Color matching advice?

    Are you hand sanding or orbital/DA? You didn’t mention but you should be wet sanding. Then follow up with cut and buff with a 3M or meguiars extra cut or ultra compound on an orange pad, then polish/wax/seal/ whatever. The cutting will bring out gloss. If heavier sanding scratches like 600...
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    Buying parts for my faulty transmission, what brands should I buy?

    Sonnax. They offer a full rebuild kit as well as a some upgraded components for the 42rle.
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    Power Steering Gearbox Recommendations?

    Thanks for the reply. With the wheel centered I have about 3/4” of play, (measured at the steering wheel), before the pitman arm moves. If I’m understanding correctly, yours is probably similar. Not as noticeable when driving probably due to steering into the road crown. My kids JK has zero...
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    Power Steering Gearbox Recommendations?

    Bumping my question- anybody have feel for how much play should be expected after a new box replacement? I’ve been considering the PCS for a while now but I don’t want to have unreal expectations and fork up for a PCS only to be disappointed.
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    Power Steering Gearbox Recommendations?

    How much play do you have in the wheel with the new box? Mines about 3/4”, but I’ve never driven a new Jeep or one with a new box so I don’t have a good benchmark of what is normal. The play that it does have with an otherwise fresh front end pisses me off though.
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    Should I avoid a potential TJ purchase because it has a 42RLE?

    I have changed the shift points with HPT and I’m extremely happy with the results. It no longer feels like your skip shifting as you can delay the upshift to 4th until the engine has the rpm/torque to pull the gear. I believe I described the workings of the shift schedule in more detail in a...
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    Steering interference

    Just out of curiosity, what does your front pinion angle look like at ride height? That might provide a clue as to caster issues / mis adjustment. I’d start by confirming the pinion angle is within the correct range. Then make certain it’s centered at ride height. From there I’d look closer...
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    Winching FAIL

    I like where your head is at in this recovery - My wife is going to love when I use my winch to extract our old fridge! I’ve actually done something similar to move a 8x12 shed. I buried a 4x4 roughly half way instead of your fence post. I also used a bottle Jack to lift the shed and slide in...
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    Wandering and darting steering

    What tire size and pressure?