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    RockJock upgrade from original sway bar

    That is excellent news.
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    RockJock upgrade from original sway bar

    No, I looked for one that could ship to me the quickest and was easiest to confirm it would fit my setup.
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Amazon purchase, photo of the item uploaded. Drilled holes in the rear corners, wiring is attached to the turn signal cable and the turn signals and breaks will flash the whip lights. They come with two different bases, one spring and one solid. It's a quick disconnect system. The controller is...
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    After I upgrade the laser lights and add the fog machine.
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    Preformed hose for Dana 44 front locker

    This hose seems to be on its last leg and disconnects very easily. 2005 Rubicon with Dana 44 front axle. Is this normal or should I replace if I can find the part?
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Added whip lights. Doing lots of night trails.
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    RockJock upgrade from original sway bar

    I am replacing my sway bar and disconnectors that I bent pretty badly during my last outing. Replacing the whole setup with a Rock Jock by John Currie. This Jeep is primarily for off-roading. I know that the highway performance that I used to get with the sway bar connected will be sacrificed...
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    Rubicon locker pump substitute

    Nice! I ended up ordering the pump off of eBay for $150 due to time constraints. Now I know what else will work. Thank you.
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    Time to turn around because it only gets worse

    After days of cleaning up the excessive amounts of mud packed everywhere.. one of the things I bent with the winch is the sway bar. Shopping for that now. While I'm at it, the front lockers never worked when I bought this and I am looking for a front locker pump replacement. I saw the thread on...
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    Rubicon locker pump substitute

    I see a lot of replies, however I don't see any success stories with this. Anyone actually use one of these Kia pumps or one of the ones from another model? Looks like I need one and I'll be ordering one one today one way or another, whether it's used through eBay or a new.
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    Time to turn around because it only gets worse

    I finally found a spot wide enough where I could turn this around, some serious muck and deep holes here. Snatch block and a tree saver, extended winch line, shovel, axe chainsaw..
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    Long video from just a few of the obstacles and trails from the Ol'Florida Off-Road event.

    Long video of some of the trails in obstacles from the Ol’Florida Off-Road event.
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    Ol'Florida Off-Road Park 2024, Great Trails and Obstacles

    I left my sway bar disconnected all weekend. Many courses were 4WD LO, and rear lockers on. Lots of fun.
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    Flatbed trailer for TJ Unlimited

    New to trailering my TJ Unlimited. I wanted a 16-ft hauler, but ended up going with a 20 ft equipment hauler. I'm really glad I did because it gives me room to move the Jeep forward and backwards to get a good Center of Gravity. I noticed where it is now is a little too forward, more weight on...
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    Some undercarriage photos while on the lift

    Replaced shocks, brake lines, sway bars, rear axle lock air hose.
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    Replacing OEM Center Console with Tuffy Jeep Series II Full Center Security Console for Jeep 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ

    My OEM console was cracked, It had the speaker and very limited storage space. I needed to take it out while I was in the process of removing the carpet and applying Herculiner in place of carpeting. A great opportunity to replace it. I painted the Herculiner to match the exterior. Replacing the...
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    Photos of updates and repairs to 2005 TJ Unlimited Rubicon Sahara edition

    New Bilstein shocks, sway bars and brake lines. New Fan clutch and water pump installed. Top off, prepped for Herculiner on the floor, PJC Light Khaki Metallic paint to cover it, matching paint on the Role Cage. Am I doing this? NO! I have "a guy". A really good guy.
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    Center console replacement for stick shift on 2005 Rubicon Sahara

    I am looking for recommendations from anyone who has a 2005 TJ Unlimited with a stick. I want to replace the console, looking at Tuffy, I don't need the place for the speaker, as I want storage instead. Also, If anyone on this post is interested in getting my old console. It's beat up, but not...