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  1. TimV

    Help Putting LJ Into Neutral without Keys

    Transfer case into neutral?
  2. TimV

    TJ seat foam

    I installed the summit cushions with rostra heaters last weekend. Feels like I'd expect a new seat to feel. Happy back'n' ass, happy life.
  3. TimV

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    🙂👍. That work is indeed on the to-do list. I was fortunate to rescue this LJ in time enough that the frame is fully solid yet. Going forward it'll not participate in the annual salt festival anymore. Time allowing the frame rust remediation I hope to have done by the end of this season. Gotta...
  4. TimV

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Not today but this long weekend, pulled the front coils, cycled the suspension, installed coil spring isolators, new front hubs, new battery cable from, got new seat cushions from Summit racing along with rostra seat heaters. Ah, a lot of more betterer goodness.
  5. TimV

    High beam indicator takes a long time to go off

    That's very cool indeed. Thanks for taking the time and sharing.
  6. TimV

    High beam indicator takes a long time to go off

    Gonna share my thoughts here: My LJ came with po installed LED headlights. The high beam indicator is always slow to go off. My completely unproven thought is the headlight capacitor back-feeding the high beam indicator. I'll be interested to see if that is remotely accurate. Tim
  7. TimV

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    My hope as well. If nothing else, I'm the forum's gambling guinea pig.
  8. TimV

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Fan clutch bit the bullet. Wanted a new one foolishly fast, so Amazon next day delivery. Got a ADIGARAUTO 2771. Whatever the heck that is, it is a fan clutch. Installed 10 minute job. Seems to be working just fine. We'll see how long it lasts. I'll aim to post again when/if it fails, otherwise...
  9. TimV

    LED backup lights

    I'd take a set, split the shipping cost with ya. That improves the economics somewhat.
  10. TimV

    What jack should I get?

    Good Lord I love this forum. Entertainment second to none served alongside the useful stuff like a bad cable channel, "all day, every day" heh heh heh.
  11. TimV

    Today's Rant

    That, that right there, is friggen awesome.
  12. TimV

    Gears, elocker and axle shafts prices

    Interesting comparison possible here. I just received a budget quote for gears front/rear and true trac in rear only. $4500 Canuckbucks. He said 2g of the quote was labor and would probably be less than that if it went well. Just food for thought and some comparison. Tim