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  1. kiwi

    02' TJ - Capable daily driver

    In other news, got the barnett cover done for the front And the ARB’s fully hooked up, not much room to work near the compressor but at least it’s tucked away
  2. kiwi

    02' TJ - Capable daily driver

    Some memorial day mudding, didn’t mean to get that stuck but got out eventually Fortunate to have a space to clean the undercarriage Anddd 3 hours later Think i’ll start avoiding mud now..
  3. kiwi

    Purple TJ in AZ (just some of the stuff I've done thread)

    Looks good. Curious what everything is feeding through behind the panel? I’m wiring up my lockers now and looks like i might have to cut another hole to feed the wiring from behind the dash to the switch panel since not everything seems to fit through the small hole provided by the cigarette lighter
  4. kiwi

    02' TJ - Capable daily driver

    Sent the axle to get re-geared with the stock cover so they just sealed it back up with that. At the 500 mile fluid change i’ll swap to barnett, then you can guide me through reiter 😉
  5. kiwi

    02' TJ - Capable daily driver

    HP30 is installed! Alignment has been done, now to finish the break-in period and hook up the lockers (swayloc has also been ordered!)
  6. kiwi

    02' TJ - Capable daily driver

    I would definitely be interested! Let me know once you've got them swapped out for beadlocks
  7. kiwi

    02' TJ - Capable daily driver

    Finished up the rest of the armor install this sunny weekend.. I expected this side to be a bit more time consuming given that my rocker panel on that side was out of shape and the corner armor had this in it: I was able to get it straightened out pretty well, and given the price I got the...
  8. kiwi

    Currectlync Interferences

    Recently did 4” savvy lift, UCF UHC tuck, and currie front and rear track bars. Along with this i added currectlync. The issue i’m having is that the currectlync is hitting the steering stabilizer bolt and bracket. I don’t have any photos of it hitting the bolt, but here’s a photo of it...
  9. kiwi

    Rear driveshaft measurement question

    Put in a 4” lift, 35’s, and a TT Called Tom woods and asked if i could order the driveshaft now or if i just wait until i cycle suspension They said wait until you know your tire is centered at full bump and that your axle is in its final place I cycled my axle, got it to the right spot in...
  10. kiwi

    No dash lights

    Been chasing this problem for about a year. Every couple months all my interior lights go out. No gauge lights, Hvac lights, dome light, or any of the gauges themselves work either. No speedo, no fuel gauge, etc. The headlights still work, the indicator lights on the gauge still work, the cig...
  11. kiwi

    California Trip to Cali - Best trails?

    Hoping to take my TJ down to California this summer. Specifically heading to Long beach, but looking for the “must do” trails while in Cali. Planning to do the Rubicon for sure What other trails are must do’s? Even if they’re more scenic than difficult Hoping to be on 35’s with a TT if that...
  12. kiwi

    Would Advance Adapters SS SYE be an option?

    Getting ready to buy an SYE. Definitely going super short for a tuck. Advanced adapters seems to be the recommended brand, but do they even offer an SSSYE? I can’t seem to find one. What’s the next best brand? JB?
  13. kiwi

    Gauges work intermittently

    For a while my gauges have randomly stopped working, but always return after an hour or so. Recently they’ve been completely dead more often then not. The only thing on the dash that works is the indicator lights, otherwise there is nothing. I’ve cleaned the connections behind the gauge cluster...
  14. kiwi

    Which fuses are ignition controlled?

    Curious which fuses behind the glove box are ignition controlled? Just so that when the jeep is off the accessories are off. Can anyone tell me what fuse #’s these are? Thanks
  15. kiwi

    Thermostat replacement help

    Got an engine code telling me to replace my Thermostat. My question is, i know a bit of coolant will come out when replacing the thermostat, is it okay to just top it off? I haven’t replaced the coolant since i got the jeep, so i’m not sure the exact type that’s in there now. And i assume it’s...
  16. kiwi

    BFG Mud Terrain actual sizing?

    I’ve seen a few threads on this but want to confirm before buying my next tire.. Currently running 32x11x15 BFG K02 All Terrains, but from the ground up i’m hitting about 30”. I understand that BFG’s run small and i also understand that no tire will hit the exact stated size once you account...
  17. kiwi

    Dirtbike hitch weight?

    My shittybilt bumper is attached in 4 places, with 4 pretty big bolts. When i was installing it one of the underside bolts snapped and so i said fuck it and left it with just the 4 horizontal bolts. Now i’m curious if i can attach one of those hitch mounted dirtbike carriers to carry a honda...
  18. kiwi

    05' JMT's Twin Teenager's Rubicon Build

    Actually 4 jeeps been built by 16 year olds… Congrats on the new jeep!
  19. kiwi

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Lift it! Doesn't look like there's much room under the fenders
  20. kiwi

    Alex01 Silver Sport Build Thread

    Messaged you