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  1. HaydukeLives!

    1999 hardtop crack repair question

    Hard top repair questions do not seem to generate a lot of response. I myself am waiting for several days of clear and warmer weather to do some hard top repairs.....also for a 1999 TJ. I think you're on the right track with opening up and cleaning that crack and then using epoxy. The issue...
  2. HaydukeLives!

    Utah TJ Fest for 2024

    Did the April 2024 dates for TJ Week Moab get announced?
  3. HaydukeLives!

    What tire size should I run?

    Ah come on. "Don't know how" isn't a good excuse. Give it a try. Like 4Lo4Sho said, with some basic tools, elbow grease, and time, you'd be amazed at what you can do yourself. And you can learn a lot from your f* most of us do.
  4. HaydukeLives!

    Currie Rock Sliders - Information Request

    Damn. It's not happy history but it is interesting and appreciated. Thanks Blaine. I wish we could learn from it but I'm not optimistic where I usually am.
  5. HaydukeLives!

    Currie Rock Sliders - Information Request

    Daaaayum! That's some proper test specimens. Makes me want to pay more attention to the groups and clubs. I haven't been around long enough to guess very intelligently, and the chrome grill on the green one is throwing me off. But if "wizard" is the clue, then....Mr. Blaine Johnson? Or is...
  6. HaydukeLives!

    Currie Rock Sliders - Information Request

    Sh*t, that makes it looks like required equipment. I'm way behind the times. That's a great photo! Thanks for posting it.
  7. HaydukeLives!

    Currie Rock Sliders - Information Request

    I assume they are no longer made but I don't know sh*t. Thankfully it sounds like they'll probably do fine for what I need, i.e., jacking around on the trails and occasional sketch moves. All instructions are on the front and back of a 8x11 sheet, so I'll get my REC SPECS out for the...
  8. HaydukeLives!

    Currie Rock Sliders - Information Request

    Howdy Folks, Does anyone know anything about these Currie rock sliders? I read one installation thread but can't find much else about them on the webs. These are old but are they still a good design worth installing? (I hesitate to ask for opinions, but....I guess I am.) They're brand new...
  9. HaydukeLives!

    And just like that, I found one

    Long Live Solar Yellow!! (My LJ is Solar Yellow and I saw one rolling down the interstate in Denver on Monday. I know....I should get out more.) Low, low miles too....nice find. Good to know that they're still out there.
  10. HaydukeLives!

    G Force Performance Products - 1997-2006 TJ Jeep Wrangler double adjustable control arms

    (1999 TJ - 4.0 - M/T - 2.5" Suspension Lift - Front Leveling Coil Spacers - 32" Tires) I searched "g force" and "" and didn't see any posts about these control arms or this vendor or manufacturer. Researching/shopping for adjustable control arm sets and came across this...
  11. HaydukeLives!

    Colorado Front 1.5" Leveling Spacers - Steel - Brand New - TJ/LJ - Just pay Shipping

    Bezos refunded this purchase and told me to keep the spacers so if anyone needs/wants them, just pay for shipping (please make sure to overpay slightly so it's all covered.....I've been dinged with shipping charges sooooooo many times) and I'll get them out to you ASAP with instructions...
  12. HaydukeLives!

    What Would You Do? Bad Rear Diff - 1999 TJ Sport - Dana 35 - 3.07

    What would you do if you had a 1999 TJ Sport with a bad rear Dana 35? Ring and Pinion, bearings, and seals need replaced. Has 199K miles but runs great otherwise. Owned since new. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  13. HaydukeLives!

    What Would You Do? Hard Top Hinge Repair Help Wanted.

    I recently damaged my hard top where the driver's side hinge attaches to the windshield frame. Seems like a weird place for damage to occur, but it happened nonetheless. Does anyone have experience with this type of repair? (I don't think fiberglass repair is the right move but have no...
  14. HaydukeLives!

    Another Cooling System Dilemma

    I've commented in a thread or two about my 1999 4.0 M/T needing a cooling system overhaul. This isn't one of those "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situations. My sh*t is really broke. I believe I've read just about every post in every thread about cooling systems and haven't run across this...