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  1. scottgraham

    North Carolina 1st Annual Jeep Event Brevard

    This Saturday in Brevard, NC. 30 minutes south of the Asheville Airport:
  2. scottgraham

    Cyclops T.A.M. anti-theft kill switch

    ...Or make it. ADE System
  3. scottgraham

    How To Install YJ Half Doors on a TJ

    So for anybody doing this mod. I just grabbed some fair YJ doors for $125 (US) . I will measure the length of the bolt needed, but I put in a 60mm and prb could have gotten by w/ a 55 or even a 50. Had some tube laying around and covered it in heat shrink to build it up. These are strictly...
  4. scottgraham

    BMW sport seat install in Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Sorry guys, haven't been around in a and all. Okay, I don't think I have any more pics, but I'll check. Key notes are the factory seats (at least on a '98) are not centered. So I believe my adapters got re-drilled inbound in the front only, about 1 1/2" as stated above. These are...
  5. scottgraham

    Extra steering stabilizer?

    Andy, how many guys do you hire on don't know how to use a tape measure and pound down the rivet on the hook so it's not "loose" anymore?
  6. scottgraham

    $110 aluminum G-Plus Amazon radiator review

    My kid just put a Mishimoto in my BMW Z3 (which he drives more than his Rubi), it says on the box it has a lifetime warranty, so we'll see how that works out. When I had to replace the radiator on my "Burbon", O'Reilly's no questions asked lifetime...It's nothin' but your time at that point. I...
  7. scottgraham

    What is the 65th anniversary at its core?

    I have a '98 Sport w/ tilt and cruise. My kid has a friend w/ a '99 Sahara w/ tilt, cruise, and a Dana 44, so yeah. Stickers. But I'll give you "it's a selling point" to an interested buyer.
  8. scottgraham

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Way back in October Andy, where ya been?
  9. scottgraham

    Harmonic Balancer/ Vibe Damper Bolt direction?

    ....On my kid's '06 Rubicon. Crank pulley/ HB bolt will not come out, he's tried heat, has been spraying it w/ Liquid Wrench for weeks. Could he be going the wrong direction? FSM only says this: "VIBRATION DAMPER REMOVAL (1) Disconnect negative cable from battery. (2) Remove the serpentine...
  10. scottgraham

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I don't know, kind of a toss up for me. ;)
  11. scottgraham

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    My '98 seats sucked, would have felt better had been 2x4's w/ an old pillow.....pick and pull, $120/ pair, leather sport seats. The only thing that would make better would be a happy ending after every drive...oh, wait, that's my wife's job;)
  12. scottgraham

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Pop some BMW seats in Andy...Get back to me.
  13. scottgraham

    4.0 air intake tube on 2.5?

    Google: Windstar
  14. scottgraham

    Best factory color on a TJ?

    Good points all! I'm kind of a fan of desert tan. If I do a respray, most likely that is what it will be. Or battleship grey, which is what I sprayed my '48 Willys. Red is hard to beat, but I do like my gun metal. Personally, I tend to lean to non metallic on Jeeps.
  15. scottgraham

    Best factory color on a TJ?

    Loaded question/ pole. Of course everybody is gonna vote on the color they have:rolleyes:
  16. scottgraham

    MCE flat fender install—Part one

    My rears are sitting in the shed. I shaved my (rear) factories, but the mud that is thrown is crazy. So I bucked up and bought the MCE rears. Can't bring myself to install them. It just doesn't look right to me, no state laws to mandate tire coverage, so they're staying off.
  17. scottgraham

    Received wrong winch (Should I return it or convert it?)

    Have them make it right...return shipping and all. It's on them, not you! I'm kind of a softy, I would call them and ask them to send me the syn-rope (and accessories needed), I'm willing to respool. I'll send them the steel back on their dime. Way cheaper than them having to pay return shipping...
  18. scottgraham

    Received wrong winch (Should I return it or convert it?)

    Why the thumbs down @Lou? I was asking a legit question that wasn't, to my reading of four pages (mostly banter), clarified. If she spent the $275 more, than by all means, raise hell and get what you paid for is all I was saying.
  19. scottgraham

    Received wrong winch (Should I return it or convert it?)

    ...Back to our regularly scheduled program. So a little clarification? Did Warn screw the order up, or your awesome wife? (No offense). Did she "overpay" by $275, or did she actually order the steel rope by mistake? If she overpaid and it was Warn's fault, I'd call them out and have them make...
  20. scottgraham

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    As cool as I think it might (or not) be to own one as a pet, seeing them in the wild is amazing. Even though they fly in a loose formation, they are ALWAYS in pairs. My great aunt had one that I remember well, used to bite her all the time, his name was George Rats. I think he was about 100...