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  1. CptnMurica

    After a year what I did

    I’ve been so busy out wheelin here is where I’m at. Holding for now. I’ve been lurking around here awhile. This is all stuff I got from info on this forum. I run a lot of forest roads and have spent time at Smorr, Rush Springs ORV, 3b Offroad and Hot springs ORV. This thing gets around real...
  2. CptnMurica

    Over the Hills and Far away with a crazy mob of Jeeps.

    I joined a small jeep club in Nwa called Mud Hogs and it blew up big time. Yesterday I think 30 Jeeps wheeling. After it was done a smaller group and I blasted back up and went for realz. Crazy fun. This video is hilarious. I’m explaining trail rules. I Told them no yeehawin. Some of them was...
  3. CptnMurica

    Re-gear done (amazing)

    After spending a lot of time in here reading all the info I went for 4.56s. I have to say that this is great. My 4 hamsters have come alive. 4wdl is a bulldog On the trail. Off the line it goes. And keeps up with traffic. Picked up around 4mpg. It’s pricey but if ya haven’t done it and your...
  4. CptnMurica

    Savvy strikes again!

    1 item backordered. I want this stuff. But it’s hard. Probs gonna take my money up front. Again….☹️
  5. CptnMurica

    The train got bigger. I'm out!

    Well after 4 months of running 101,102 here in Arkansas I’m retiring from the large venues. Unbelievable all the real cool wheelers I have met. Active duty, Veterans, executives, retired and active duty railroad guys. The list goes on. Wheeling in a big crazy line. Too much work. Going to just...
  6. CptnMurica

    New Mod!

    Got tangled up a bit. A place called widson holler. Trying to thread multiple needles consecutively. Suffered a dent and jacked up my antenna. I was going so slow the little knot just dimpled it and didn’t even scratch it. 🤷‍♂️ I don’t use my radio stations anyway. Meh Obligatory duct tape. Like...
  7. CptnMurica

    Heater blower not blowing.

    My heater fan started acting up. In and out. It finally took a dump. Shouldve came here first as usual, but here is what I did. Changed resistor and blower motor. Nothing. Isn’t there something behind the center dash controls I need to check? which I should’ve done before replacing the motor...
  8. CptnMurica

    Body lifts and engine question

    I was wheeling with a guy in a 95. Half way through the day after he was driving around like a mad man he stalled out. Popped his hood soaking wet mud everywhere. I was like man you gotta take it easy your gonna jack something up. Anyways he said he’s lifted 4” I don’t know. But I noticed his...
  9. CptnMurica

    Took another shortcut but I brought a train with me this time. Wild!

    Holy Jeeps Batman. I took the crew out on another short cut and picked up some stragglers along the way. A bunch Jeeps wheeling through the forest. I think I’ve graduated the online jeep guide tour class. I need my tifacit.
  10. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    This. When I get it mounted for realz I’ll analyze the thread so I can relate to the relevant input. I like how it covers my corners for what I do. And I shed 4 lbs. which is my build low light and tight. no billy goating. Sticking out a bit more isn’t gonna affect me. Check, check and check! 😃
  11. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    I’m an overbuilt trail rig. I do some rocks but just not set up for that stuff. I really enjoy watching em do that. And much respect for the big balls required. I’m on the edge of a big forest so Rocky fire roads power lines a little mud which I hate and lots of up and down tight trails. Creeks...
  12. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    It’s going south. 😂
  13. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    Working as intended. 😃
  14. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    It says thanks Robert Dirtworx. The guy was super nice. I even messaged an altered after I ordered it. Chamfered the d ring mounts so less impact on soft shackles. He texted right back.
  15. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    You forgot the lace man. Straighten up.
  16. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    Lol. Never seen those comments coming. I smell grammar police.
  17. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    Ty, my wallet tho. I’m a gentleman, sometimes. I reserve the right to all my images. Imagined or not. I need to look back through my stuff to see what I’m committed to now. I wonder if new shingles for my roof is on that mod list. 👀
  18. CptnMurica

    Dirtworx rear bumper review

    Ya, im in trouble. Sometimes it’s best to log out. 😂