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  1. Whitejeeptj

    Cranks but won't start

    Sorry this took so long to reply. Yes, that is what we did because I had already cut the wire just after the PDC, so we just ran it from there.
  2. Whitejeeptj

    How To LS Swap Your TJ

    I am trying to decide between this panel and the Dakota Digital........I am not keeping the jeep PCM. Years ago I did the AW4 swap into my 2000 TJ from a NV3550. It has been wonderful having that auto... but it sort of makes the value of selling the engine and transmission less desirable if I...
  3. Whitejeeptj

    Cranks but won't start

    Maybe you have a similar situation to this? Main culprit was only getting 11.65 volts on the power wire to the fuel pump (tested with meter at the fuel pump connector while turning the key) The wire only gets voltage for 1.8 seconds with key on in the accessory position. The fuel pump will not...
  4. Whitejeeptj

    Jeep will only start when I jump the fuel pump relay with a paper clip

    Just thought I would add my recent experience with fuel pump woes for anyone who may be searching for a solution. This is on my Son's 2005 TJ 4.0. He had a cylinder misfire code (can't remember the code), a warm up catalyst code P0431, Evap small leak code P0456, and Evap lose fuel cap code...
  5. Whitejeeptj

    Ditching the 42RLE in my LJ: What would be involved in swapping in a 32RH?

    I replaced by NV 3550 in my 2000 TJ with an AW4 out of a 1999 cherokee in 2009. You get to keep an overdrive with the AW4. It has been flawless so far. I am not sure what differences may arise with not starting out with a manual....I would presume you would have to swap out your ECM for a...
  6. Whitejeeptj

    2005 TJ console insert?

    I removed the sub enclosure and would like to take advantage of the new space, but it is open to the floor of the jeep. I have been searching for a solution. Does anyone make some sort of insert so that you can use the center console? I am not looking to replace the sub. I have looked at the...
  7. Whitejeeptj

    Best product to reduce heat from transmission tunnel?

    I used a heat shield product from Summit racing. It came in sheets easily cut to fit when needed and has an adhesive backing. I lined the underneath of my bedrug carpet tranny tunnel and into the foot wells. Works great!
  8. Whitejeeptj

    Swap 1998 4.0 manual for automatic. How expensive?

    Yes, it functions as if it was original equipment.
  9. Whitejeeptj

    Swap 1998 4.0 manual for automatic. How expensive?

    Yeah, it was pretty involved when I did mine 8 years ago. I followed Stu's write-up (s) on the swap and basically had only a one wire color issue that revealed itself after the first start up. Once found, it has been flawless (knocks on wood) ever since. Paid 600 for the AW4, sold the NV3550 for...
  10. Whitejeeptj

    Swap 1998 4.0 manual for automatic. How expensive?

    No recommendations for the AW4 swap?