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  1. TreverStevens

    WTB: 241 4x4 sensor

    I did the 241 swap on my TJ and looking for the harness side of the connector. Anyone have an extra? Do an Atlas swap? Have a buddy’s that you can cut off and ship me? Ha ha.
  2. TreverStevens

    Another Jeep was running, then wasn't running thread

    So I got my project TJ of almost 3 years running about a month ago. Since then I’ve been ironing out various things here and there (mostly steering and ride quality issues). I’ve put about 300-ish miles on the engine since the swap. Today I readjusted my caster because it was off from swapping...
  3. TreverStevens

    Difference in front and rear ratios

    So I swapped a new axle in the rear and it has 3.73’s and my Dana 30 has 4.10’s. Eventually I’ll regear to 5.56’s. But currently have the front driveshaft detached. Can I attach the driveshaft but just make sure I never put it in 4hi/low? Or will attaching it cause damages in 2wd?
  4. TreverStevens

    97 TJ taillights

    I have a ‘97 and know there’s a few things here and there they did differently in the first bit of production. But I’m having issues with some factory tail lights I picked up second hand. The lights and harness looked unmolested prior to install. But when shopping around I see some lights like...
  5. TreverStevens

    Ball joint recommendations

    Looking to do ball joints in the near future, is there any true superiority in the various options? I see Crown is about $50/side for the normal and about $85/side for the “HD” where as other brands are $200+ for a complete kit.
  6. TreverStevens

    Kansas IRO adjustable track bar

    I bought a Iron Rock Off-road double shear adjustable front track bar but went a different route. Never installed (I did put anti-seize on the threads already), I have all the hardware. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. TreverStevens

    WTB: Sound bar wiring

    Looking for the wiring that runs from under the dash to the sound bar. PO cut mine out and just ran speaker wire to the speakers. Would like the stock wiring to have a functional overhead light as well.
  8. TreverStevens

    Double winched TJ

    Wasn't sure if this was suitable for the "Unfortunate TJ" thread or not. But you know what they say, two is one and one is none?
  9. TreverStevens

    No reverse lights

    I swapped some LED bulbs into my reverse lights back when I was doing my engine(5.9L)/trans(NV3550) swap and now that everything is up and running the lights aren't working. I put a new reverse light switch into my transmission and checked the fuse in the glove box assigned to the reverse lights...
  10. TreverStevens

    Rear track bar alignment

    I’ve tried adjusting my JKS rear track bar a couple times now because it’s making contact with both my Barnes 8.8 truss and the fuel tank skid. When I initially installed it I even notched the fuel tank skid to help. Only it didn’t really help. What’s causing this issue and how do I correct it?
  11. TreverStevens

    2000 TJ with Cummins... and not just a 4bt... "12 Valve Cummins P7100 1998 NV4500 5 Speed Manual Dana 60 3.53 (front) Dana 80 3.53 (rear) 1/4 inch steel frame 3/8 inch control arms Toyo M/T Open Country...
  12. TreverStevens

    WTB: Found- Stock pitman arm

    PO put a drop arm on and I’m looking to correct this. Anyone have a stock pitman arm?
  13. TreverStevens

    How much should I ask for my hard top?

    I’m from the KC area, just moved to Wichita 2 years ago. So I keep an eye out for Jeep things within about 200 miles of Wichita and KC since my family is still up there and it gives me an excuse to visit. $700 is a good price though!
  14. TreverStevens

    How much should I ask for my hard top?

    I mean I wouldn't pass on a tan hard top in good condition (depending on price). And I'm a fellow Midwesterner! let me know @heyburt444 !
  15. TreverStevens

    Magnum engine questions

    NV3550 and the Dakota bellhousing.
  16. TreverStevens

    Magnum engine questions

    I just ordered a replacement for the NV3550 transmission, can't find what brand and part number I ordered right now. But everything I'm finding readily says they fit all years of TJ's.
  17. TreverStevens

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    I'ver seen others store it like that before, but I've never seen one that's higher than the highest point on the Jeep?
  18. TreverStevens

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    Not AS bad as the previous, but look at how they stuffed the slider into the plastic guard/flare!? And hopefully they adjust that light bar before actually using it?
  19. TreverStevens

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    I was looking at some potential headlights for my TJ and when looking at customer reviews and the pictures I found this...
  20. TreverStevens

    Magnum engine questions

    So my 5.9 is finally running and ready to head to the exhaust shop tomorrow. But my clutch is being kind of wonky. There was no bleeder valve on the slave cylinder so I couldn't get that bleed that off initially. Finally replaced that, got it bled and everything, but now my clutch is fully...