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  1. Jablinski

    SOLD CavFab LJ rocker armor

    Unless I'm missing something crucial and these sliders are indeed for LJ/ Unlimited, there is no reason (beyond skills & tools) that they couldn't be shortened to work for a standard length TJ. Am I mistaken?
  2. Jablinski

    SOLD Free Rear Seat (For CO pickup Only)

    Rolloff is being picked up tomorrow and this is going with it...unless someone commits to picking it up! NO HARDWARE!!! (Please don't ask about hardware) Aurora, near Cherry Creek Dam
  3. Jablinski

    RockJock Track Bar Johnny Joint Ball Stress Fractures?

    Came across these pics from when I rebuilt/ greased all my johnny joints over the summer. What's going on here? Could these cracks originate from over-torquing the TB bolt?
  4. Jablinski

    Mr. Blaine Midarm & Outboard Rubihara at a Great Price in San Diego

    Too good to be true?
  5. Jablinski

    Gear Pattern Check Please

    Finally found some time to tackle this. How close am I? New Revolution gear set in HP 30. Backlash is @ 8 thou, bearing retainers torqued, and pinion preload is @18/19lbs. 4th go overall, 1st after bracketing (I think, anyway) between 60 and 50 on pinion depth. Hopefully decent enough pics and...
  6. Jablinski

    Old School Jeep Mall Crawling

    Any video of this obstacle? Looks like a blast Edit: Your passenger looks sketched
  7. Jablinski

    Rear drive shaft seems too short

    Pull harder. It will extend. The grease is likely very cold and making things difficult (if you've been having anything close the temps we've been getting).
  8. Jablinski

    Gear Pattern Check

    Seems that BFH guy wants to help but really wants know about that silly bearing press thing. What a dick 🤣
  9. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    Just discovered some information that was in (of all places 🙄) the pamphlet they gave me at the test center. Apparently I can have up to two "not ready" monitors on my 98 but the 02 and cat sensors Must be set to "Ready". I now recall this being the case during past inspections. I had concerns...
  10. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    Tried two stations in different counties 4 days apart... Jeffco (Golden) and Denver (Sheridan). Both refused to do the IM240 (dynamometer) test due to the catalyst monitor status being "Not Ready". The cashier at the Sheridan location mumbled something about me being able to request a different...
  11. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    Yep. That's the one. Thank you I see a couple things I'm going to try differently this time. One has to do with being aware of my fuel level
  12. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    Yep. I am a big fan of lowered pollutants. Really! It felt a bit ridiculous running down 3 tanks of gas chasing a computer reading that will allow me to take a dyno test that will ultimately show that I have a very emissions compliant vehicle. I'm not even close to done with this
  13. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    Considering western slope but have friends/ family in NM:D
  14. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    The rules may not be retro but the procedure that the company that the state continues to award the contract to has apparently changed
  15. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    3 tanks of aimless driving at specific speeds:poop:
  16. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    Yes. I agree. It SHOULD be in the FSM. I can't find it though
  17. Jablinski

    New Colorado (Colofornia) Emissions Woes

    I'm having some difficulty locating the drive cycle recommendations for resolving "Catalyst Incomplete". @mrblaine previously posted a link to the Chrysler specific junk but that link is now 404. I wish I saved it. My registration is absolutely due on 28th of February (30 days grace included)...
  18. Jablinski

    JB Conversions Super Short SYE Speedo Failure

    Much easier putting together. "Duck bill external lock ring pliers " are your friend. Thanks for the measurements
  19. Jablinski

    JB Conversions Super Short SYE Speedo Failure

    My apologies. I do mechanical system controls (using Honeywell frequently) and still feel warm& fuzzy about my 5yo sye I sure could use an advertisement for the o-ring size of the vss for either a 241 or jb sssye 😉 ...But gasket maker works... final answer
  20. Jablinski

    JB Conversions Super Short SYE Speedo Failure

    Bottom line is that the vss jb purchases to install in their product is of higher quality than their competitors. Honeywell is excellent quality as far as controls and sensors, but sensors sometimes fail... Definitely not a common issue with a vss, but it can happen. Failure is more likely with...