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    Jeep won't crank

    Removed PO's jumper connection. Blew out some dirt and put it back in. Dash/guages now respond properly. Attempted to start, starter cranked, engine turned over but sounded horrible (like it was out of timing??). Could the rough running/bucking have caused chain to skip a tooth or is this...
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    P0161 Code Won't Go Away

    agree with the plugged cat - that has been seen here on the forum many times.
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    Jeep won't crank

    Read a post somewhere that said the clutch switch could be cleaned and would become functional. I set off to locate said switch and the only thing I can find that seems appropriate is this jumpered mess. Did the PO remove the switch? Going to relook at pulling the fuse.
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    Jeep won't crank

    So, to recap, in 2hi, turning the key, engine won’t crank and gauges don’t work. In 4low, engine cranks, attempts to start , very rough and backfires. No codes. Next steps?
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    Jeep won't crank

    3x on the key start to show the codes only showed "done".
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    Jeep won't crank

    Put it in 4Low as suggested. It turned over, sounded like it wanted to catch and then backfired. Also looks like the check engine and check gauge lights are on. Gauges were working with it cranked. Working on getting a code reader.
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    Jeep won't crank

    Hello, 2004 Rubicon w manual transmission. Turn the key and all you get is a relay click behind the glove box. Dash lights light up but gauges don't work. Headlights work. No codes thrown. History on this - jeep was running fine but would hesitate every once in a while. If I drove all day...
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    Is this frame rot fixable?

    As others have suggested, get a good frame and swap it. I did the frame repair route and learned along the way that there are really no commercial frame repair parts forward of the front control arm mounts. Because of this (front of my frame has significant rot), I am replacing the frame. It...
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    1999 tub on a 2003+ frame?

    Can anyone tell me what the fitment challenges are when putting a 1999 tub on a 2003+ frame? Hoping to use as much of my `04 interior parts as possible. What fits/what doesn't? What hacks solve problems? Thanks!
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    2004 Tub swap auto to manual

    I have a ‘04 manual rubicon. Got a line on a rust free tub but it’s set up for automatic. What all is involved to convert to manual? Donor tub is from automatic. Target is 5 speed.
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    New York 1997-2002 Center Frame Repair section - Pocono Metal

    I have an unused 1997-2002 center repair section from Pocono Metal. Label and online order info doesn't specify left or right. Guessing from the photos, it is the right center frame piece. They sent me (or I mis-ordered) the wrong part. $130 new. Make an offer. Can help with delivery any...
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    Does fire damage a tub?

    Hello - looking at a potential donor for a tub swap. Donor jeep had a fire - no real details available but I do have a couple of pictures. Any thoughts on if this is an issue?
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    TJ fuel system gurus?

    Took the TJ wheelin today - nothing crazy, just bouldery, muddy NE trails on the side of a mountain. About 1/2 way up, jeep stalls. Dash lights, aux power, everything but ignition works. Rolled the jeep backwards, popped the clutch and it started. This happened 2 more times, common traits...
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    Locker pump bracket replacement

    My existing locker pump bracket has just about rusted away (northeast based). Anyone got a source for a replacement? thx Jon
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    No fuel to engine

    So, body mated to frame and everything is hooked up and ready to go. Time for first start. But wait, no fuel is arriving at the engine! Fuel pump not pumping. Drop fuel tank and apply 12 to fuel pump - it works fine. Fuse appears to be good. Swapped relay with horn relay which works - no...
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    Body on frame reassembly questions

    Recently put the tub back on the frame after major frame repairs (2004 Rubicon MT). Luckily, body mounts lined up just fine. Not so lucky in the engine compartment. Apparently I forgot to label 2 items. 1 - there is a long metal tube that is attached on one end to the purge valve - no idea...
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    Intermediate steering shaft bolt size

    Anyone know the bolt size for the firewall end of the intermediate steering shaft connection? thanks!
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    2004 TJ rear brake line questions

    Hello - looking to replace the rear brake line (bolt to proportioning valve was destroyed upon removal). Does anyone know the thread size/pitch for the proportioning valve end as well as the connector near the rear control arms? thx Jon
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    Having trouble removing rusted shock bolts

    Kroil has been known to work wonders. Kroil + heat, almost unstoppable. If putting a wrench/socket on the top nut causes the shock to just spin, put a pipe wrench on shock.
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    TJ Frame Repair / Replacement

    Heh, looks like my frame before Safe-T-Caps.