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  1. Rook

    Anyone else into RC rock crawling?

    I've been into scale rock crawling since before it came out it seems like. I've built a number of custom crawlers and RTR crawlers. Currently I've got an Axial SCX10, Axial Bomber, and an Axial Wraith. Here's some photos of my Axial Bomber I'm in the process of building: I used...
  2. Rook

    Overheating when running A/C

    Look for debris in the condenser and radiator coils. I saw a friend tear his Camaro apart for an overheating issue. New everything including a motor. Finally he found the problem to be a radiator and AC condenser coil. Blowing them out from the inside with a car wash will clear the crap and...
  3. Rook

    Found Replacement Motor, But Will it Fit??

    Do yourself a favor... DO NOT get that engine from the YJ. Tthe wiring and everything is entirely different. You will be opening a can of worms and then some, believe me. In order for it to work, you'd need the entire engine from the YJ, the wiring harness, the PCM, transmission, etc. The later...
  4. Rook

    Is this noise from the rear wheels normal?

    That's not normal. It could be a bad bearing, or it could be something inside such as a the differential. If it sounds like it's coming from the hub, it's more than likely a bearing that's going bad. I'd have someone spin it though and listen too the diff cover to see if it is coming from there...
  5. Rook

    Woman gets arrested, mugshot goes viral, now she gets her own makeup line

    WTH is this world coming to people?
  6. Rook

    No Bus Error

    The A2 pin in the C1 connector to the PCM gets power from fuse 12 in the fuse block behind the glove box. That fuse gets power from the ignition switch when the key is in both the start & run positions. And that wire to the PCM splices & also goes to the ASD & fuel pump relay coils. The PCM also...
  7. Rook

    How much money have you put into your TJ build?

    I haven't added it all up, but probably around $7000 so far.
  8. Rook

    Another snowflake bought a JK

    These JKUs make it so easy though. Do what you want to your vehicle. However, that's not going to keep me from sharing my opinion about it. This is the internet after all :D
  9. Rook


    Need I say more?
  10. Rook

    Spider Eyes: The Latest JK Grill Craze

    I truly am embarrassed to be associated with a good portion of the Jeep Wrangler scene... most notably the JKUs. Disclaimer: I realize not all JKUs are bad, I know that. But seriously, I would say at least every 9 out of 10 of them are.
  11. Rook

    Anyone remember the Chrysler Turbo Encabulator?

    This is just too funny! Reminds me of when @rowen01960 talks engineer speak! :p
  12. Rook

    Stingray 2 door JLR

    Nice Fiat! Sorry, the TJ still reigns supreme.
  13. Rook

    How well do you think your online personality reflects your real life personality?

    There's a name on the tip of my tongue but I absolutely won't say it. I wonder if this person is as big of a d**k as they come across as being on the forum? If so... I feel very sorry for anyone in their actual life (outside of the internet).
  14. Rook

    Hyundia Wrangler?

    Ha.... yeah, nice to know your "American" Jeep Wrangler is owned by a Korean parent company. Yeah... I'll pass. But for all you guys who lust after the new JLs... You can have them, seriously! The Wrangler ended when the last TJ rolled off the line :D
  15. Rook

    Options for Seats and Seatbelts / Harnesses?

    You can definitely get risers to raise the seat. You can also have them reupholstered, however I don't think you're going to find anyone to do that for less than $600. Between time and materials to do so, I'd think it would be a bit over $600. It's worth asking around, but every upholstery shop...
  16. Rook

    Are tubs interchangeable?

    There are two versions of the TJ tub, early model '97-'02 (EM) and late model '03-'06 (LM). There are some minor differences between them. The EM has no provision for the LM evap system in the passenger rear corner. The EM also has a cutout for the heater blower motor that was deleted on the...
  17. Rook

    NSG370 swap from 3.6 JK to 4.0 TJ?

    The TJ model has a different bell housing bolt pattern than the JK. To replace the bell housing requires you replace the whole front case half, which requires a complete tear down for the most part.
  18. Rook

    Loud beep when turning on

    Thoughts: seatbelts, doors adjar, check fuses, low fluid, service lights lit up on the dash? How long has it been doing this?
  19. Rook

    4 Door Wrangler TJ For Sale

    The one good thing about this: they no longer have to worry about extreme driveshaft angles due to a lift :D
  20. Rook

    How-to: Installing auxiliary LED lights.

    Bravo and well done!