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  1. TJDave

    Secret secondary glove box on my TJ

    Hey guys Ive had some questions on it so i figured id share. Long story short my jeep is a 2005 Turbocharged 2.4L Overland rig that my girlfriend and i travel with and actually sleep inside. I'll do a separate post on all that. As many of you know, storage is a premium in our TJs so here is a...
  2. TJDave

    Awesome deal on Cooper ST MAXX tires!

    I just bought 5 Cooper ST MAXX LT285/70 17 at Discount Tire for $170 each with free shipping. They started out at $262 each. I showed them a print from Walmart for $170 each and they matched it! This was yesterday 4/21/18 at 1:37 in the afternoon. I check this morning and the Walmart deal is...
  3. TJDave

    Alright if I snivel a little? (maybe a lot)

    Don't get me started. There's a reason my forum signature says what it says. If you look at Facebook groups as a valuable source of information, you're probably the type who has a problem with oversharing and posting your every waking moment on Twitter, when in reality no one gives a shit.
  4. TJDave

    New to the book of faces....HELP

    Don't get me started on how much I hate Facebook and social media in general. I tried it once, but like you, I got confused by privacy settings, where to find stuff, and everything else. I wish I could be of more help, but my signature says it all.
  5. TJDave

    What do you use to hang your TJ doors?

    I'm curious to see what everyone is using to store their TJ full doors in the Summer. I'd thought of just some generic wall hangers from Lowes or Home Depot, but I wanted to see if there was anything more creative out there. The main thing is keeping them from being damaged while they are being...
  6. TJDave

    How-to install adjustable control arms on a Jeep Wrangler TJ / LJ

    I forgot to mention. If you try to make both sides of your arms the same length, you are doing 2 big things. More then likely having an axle that isn't square to the frame. It will effect tire wear and drivability. Causing preload on your uppers, and they are constantly fighting each other...
  7. TJDave

    How-to install adjustable control arms on a Jeep Wrangler TJ / LJ

    I've noticed lately on a few of the forums im on, that alot of guys don't know how to properly set up fully adjustable arms. Everyone asks "how long...", or "they didn't give a measurement." That's because the measurement is Jeep specific. Every one is different. Also don't focus on how long the...
  8. TJDave

    How to change early style sliding HVAC knobs to later style turn knobs

    Below I will give you detail on how to change your 97-98 sliding knobs to turn style for your heating and cooling. I will tell you what I did; other years might work, but I will only tell you what WILL work. I have a 97 Sport, 4.0L manual 5spd. I decided to do this because I disliked the...
  9. TJDave

    Who do you think will be the next Hollywood star to get called out?

    With all the allegations of sexual harassment in the news lately, it seems like every day that someone is accusing someone else. I think we could make a game out of this... Who do you think will get called out / accused next? So far we have: 1) Harvey Weinstein 2) Jame Tolback 3) Kevin Spacey
  10. TJDave

    Anyone running a roll cage?

    Are any of you extreme off-roaders running a roll cage? Saw these today when I was browsing on Amazon: and this one...
  11. TJDave

    Anyone running these Yukon manual hubs?

    Since the Warn manual locking hobs are no longer available, is anyone running these Yukon ones by chance?
  12. TJDave

    Jeep Forum charges $200 a year for their membership!?

    I don't visit Jeep Forum or Wrangler Forum much at all anymore since I discovered this forum. But today I was poking around for fun and found this: So Jeep Forum charges $200 a year for their premium membership? Are you kidding me? That's basically the cost of my Amazon Prime membership, and...
  13. TJDave

    TJ air conditioning acting weird

    I have the same problem with air only coming out of the defrost (this is the default setting if there is a problem). Under the driver's side dash (if looking while doing a handstand with your head by the pedals) you will see a few shiny cylinders with plastic pieces sticking out of each end...
  14. TJDave

    France wants to ban cars that run on gas by 2040

    Seems to me like what we really need is some sort of massive natural disaster that wipes out half the world's population. Okay, I'm not actually that evil to wish for that, but sometimes nature does have to restore balance.
  15. TJDave

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Water Pump Replacement

    I'm a little late but it's easy to hold the pulley still with a big strap wrench. I hold the strap wrench with my right hand and pull on the big crescent wrench with my left hand, pops the big nut right off. Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty. :) A BIG one with a long strap like this one. Sometimes...
  16. TJDave

    New from North Dakota: P0303 code and cylinder 3 misfire

    Had this same code on my 2004. Turned out to be Jeep service bulletin 18-031-03. Rough idle after heat soak. Install fuel injector insulator sleeve part #56028371AA.
  17. TJDave

    Judge allows Oregon resident to be genderless

    Seems to me that's why the Democrats lost. All they wanted to do was focus on tiny little issues like this, while completely ignoring the bigger picture. In other words, if you were gay, transgender, multicultural, Muslim, African American, etc, then they didn't care about you.
  18. TJDave

    Transmission Temperature?

    The Factory Service Manual says 240° is overheating. I think the normal operating temps should stay around 120-160°, but in my temp gauge & IR thermometer have shown it runs around 180-200° in stop and go traffic on a 90°+ summer day. in the mountains, climbing switchbacks in 1st and 2nd @...
  19. TJDave

    Let's check out all the douchey grilles you can get for your JK

    Look at all these grilles you can get for the JK (there's more than just one, so look at them all). I'm at a loss for word...
  20. TJDave

    Shift knob removal

    You have to remove the shift pattern (the plastic piece on top of the shifter knob)...under it is a nut. You can use a little flat head screw driver to pry it out....if you don't want to mess up the rubber part of the knob...warm it up with a heat gun or hair drier. This will soften the rubber.