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  1. eSkilliam

    I think I'm ready to start pricing my build (05 LJR)

    2005 Rubicon Unlimited. I have 1.5"BL and 1"MML done so far. Previous owner added and aftermarket rear bumper and I added a hitch receiver. Other than that this thing is mostly stock. I have been all over the Beginners building thread and am very thankful for that as far as details on the builds...
  2. eSkilliam

    What have I done? Post body lift and MML woes

    So I put on a Savvy body 1.25" lift and new body mounts all around. Then I went for the MML. It took me forever to get everything lined up and beat together(I had to get rough a few times) and now I'm left with this upon trying to run. Sputtering and trying to cut off. Shaking and knocking...
  3. eSkilliam

    AdventureWill's 2005 Unlimited Rubicon Thread

    Hi all, Will here. This ones gonna be a slow build I got the Jeep in 2016 and daily drove it for a while, then just took it out a few times a year for the last 3 years or so. I actually have the space and a little free time to toy around with it now so I figure I'd start building it out. I'm...
  4. eSkilliam

    Oil pressure dropping at stops after engine heats up

    I searched but couldn't find this particular problem. Since I got my 2005 Rubicon LJ back in 2016, I had an issue that usually affected me during the winter months only where from a cold start my oil pressure gauge would not go up. If I turn off the vehicle and start it again, it would jump up...
  5. eSkilliam

    No electrical power and will not start intermittantly

    Thanks all for the tips and sorry for my disappearance. I ended up having to work on my Escape this past weekend, Asking around here, I've also got the response to check connections, especially the ground. I'll pull them when I get a chance and make sure they are bonding well to the body and...
  6. eSkilliam

    No electrical power and will not start intermittantly

    Hey all. I wasn't sure what to search for this one so I'd like to pick your brains. I have a 2005 LJ Rubicon. It's had the check engine light on since I got it for 2 bad O2 sensors. Mileage wasn't affected and I know there was at least one issue for these that required a reload due to false...
  7. eSkilliam

    Anyone have a source for a new HVAC fan speed switch or HVAC panel?

    I ended up replacing mine. I went on Rock Auto and the one for the right hand drive Jeep Because it was $90 vs $180 for the left hand drive jeep. The Vacuum hoses on this one are shorter, so I just used the vacuum hoses from my old setup. (I did have to switch the little vacuum manifold on the...
  8. eSkilliam

    4.0 Engine Overheating

    At one point my radiator cap was bad and the system wasn't holding pressure, causing it to overheat(and boil the coolant which is kind of scary to see coolant bubbling in your reservoir). $7 for a new cap from the auto parts store and my problem went away. It's worth trying before you start...
  9. eSkilliam

    Overheating issue

    Fan clutch is one thing to check as mentioned above. Especially if it heats up more at idle but cools back down some when you are driving faster. That could also mean you are low on coolant and have a small leak somewhere. If you smell the coolant and hear a gurgling boiling sound after it's...
  10. eSkilliam

    1998 Wrangler Blinker Issue

    I had a similar issue. I though I was being slick, and replaced the three mounting screws on my back passenger tail light with stainless hardware, and washers because the holes had crumbled out a little from the rusty old self tappers. Fought the issue for a couple weeks, then pulled the...
  11. eSkilliam

    Anyone have a source for a new HVAC fan speed switch or HVAC panel?

    Mine switch had some melting like that so I took it apart, smoothed out the surfaces inside and kind of rebuilt it without the spring inside. Everything I searched for says you can't get just the switch, you have to buy the whole assembly $$$. I've got a switch from the older models, and I'm...
  12. eSkilliam

    Got stuck trying to figure out A/C problem

    The clutch on mine had the center broken out of it in a perfect ring where the rubber(?) is between the inner and outer parts. 95% of the time when my clutch would try to engage, it would just pull the outer ring and spin it around the inner portion and the actually compressor itself would never...
  13. eSkilliam

    Alternator over charging

    Mine doesn’t have one. Also sounds like your battery is good.
  14. eSkilliam

    Alternator over charging

    I agree to try this. Do it with the vehicle off and the lights and/or radio on. I've seen many batteries that check perfectly fine, but drop to half or even no voltage as soon as you put a load on them. If that is the case, as soon as you are running the vehicle and the battery is getting a...
  15. eSkilliam

    Noise shifting between drive and reverse

    Thank you both. The tow harness was plug and play and I verified everything works light wise(except hooking up a trailer yet). I’ve had the Jeep almost 4 years but haven’t dug into anything outside of the engine bay and cab yet. I had a nightmare 2002 Explorer that had a lot of electrical...
  16. eSkilliam

    Noise shifting between drive and reverse

    2005 LJR Auto. I just replaced heater core. I also added a 4 pin wiring harness. Neither may be relevant. Because I changed the heater core, I have not had AC recharged yet. I usually have the fans going full blast, but tonight took a drive with the HVAC completely off. When I got home, I...
  17. eSkilliam

    Trouble tracking down LJ Bow straps

    Yeah, I reckon I can try that. Thanks!
  18. eSkilliam

    Trouble tracking down LJ Bow straps

    I wondered for a while why my top sagged a bit in the back and the fitment of everything was odd when the top was up. After digging around I realized the soft top bow frame is supposed to have straps riveted on between the front and back bow. Mine does not have them and sure enough, I looked...
  19. eSkilliam

    Hello from Will ('05 Rubicon Unlimited)

    I'll see if I can dig up a picture. In the meantime, I have an Icom IC-718, a TS-480, several other radios in varying states of disrepair including a Swan 350. I also have several smaller CW QRP radios, mostly kits including a 30 meter QCX kit I got for Christmas but haven't started on yet. I...
  20. eSkilliam

    Hello from Will ('05 Rubicon Unlimited)

    Hello all, I'm Will from Indiana. I'm new to the forums but have had my Wrangler for over 4 years now. It's a '05 Rubicon LJ, mostly stock. Any build from it will be a slow build $$$, but there are many things I'd like to do to it and figured I better get connected to a community because I want...